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AIP Scitation

Check out this physical sciences database


AIP Scitation: [American Institute of Physics]

Explore the physical sciences with abstracts and full text articles

From 46 different publication, covering these topics with the

current number of articles/chapters available on that topic:

Acoustics (156,912)  Astronomy and astrophysics (37,005)  

Atomic and molecular physics (52,911)

 Biological physics (86,256)  Chemical physics (349,337)  

Condensed matter physics (217,855)

 Education (47,179)  Electronics (142,757)

 Energy (35,869)  General physics (301,684)

 Geophysics (31,572)  Interdisciplinary physics (162,704)

 Materials science (364,152)  Mathematical physics (170,959)

 Nanotechnology (63,738)  Non linear dynamics (12,055)

 Nuclear physics (56,757)  Optics and optical physics (117,935)

 Particle physics (89,114)  Photonics (56,237)

 Plasma physics (58,715)  Quantum chemistry (96,806)

 Quantum mechanics (96,098)  Rheology and fluid dynamics (82,462)

 Society and organization (78,234)  Statistical physics (65,148)

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