Undergraduate Education

The biomedical engineering program is a collaboration between South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and the University of South Dakota. The degree program combines elements of the fields of engineering and medicine to produce graduates who will work to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare.

Biomedical engineers are on the cutting edge of modern medicine. They work in a variety of environments, from manufacturing and universities to hospitals and research facilities.

Specialty areas in the field of biomedical engineering include:

  • Bioinstrumentation – the development of instruments used to diagnosis and treat medical conditions
  • Biomaterials – the design of materials used in medical devices or implants
  • Biomechanics – the use of mechanics to solve biological or medical problems
  • Clinical engineering – use of medical technology to optimize healthcare delivery
  • Rehabilitation engineering – the creation of devices used to help patients with impairments
  • Regenerative medicine – the use of tissue engineering to restore, maintain, or improve damaged tissues or organs
  • Systems physiology – the understanding of how human systems function and respond to changes in the environment. 

Minors include:

  • Biology
  • Materials Science - Metals
  • Robotics

Program Coordinator
Contact Information

Dr. Robb M Winter
Phone: (605) 394-1237
Office: CBC 2202A