Crime Information


Whether you are a victim of or witness to a crime, you have the responsibility to promptly and accurately report crime.  If a crime occurs on or around the campus, report it immediately to the Public Safety Department or Rapid City Police Department (RCPD).  Crimes occurring off-campus should be reported to the Rapid City Police Department (RCPD).

Provide this information: 

  • Describe the incident: what, where and when
  • Injuries you or another have sustained
  • Did the suspect(s) have a weapon
  • When and where was the suspect last seen
  • What did the suspect(s) look like (gender, race age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, facial hair, tattoos, etc.).

Additional Resources

In addition to Public Safety, you may contact the following to report criminal/suspicious activity:

  • Dean of Students 
  • Student Counseling Center