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Release Date Sunday, March 25, 2018

SD Mines Apex Gallery Interactive Show “Without Land” Explores the Edge of Nature

"Without Land" presents artifacts and documentation of walks taken by participants to the edge of ‘the wild’ according their interpretation of that concept.

The Apex Gallery opens a new exhibition at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology which encourages students and the public to explore the point where they believe nature begins and civilization fades. 

The exhibition, “Without Land,” is a collaboration between the artist Altman Studeny and students from Modern and Contemporary Art History at SD Mines.

Studeny, well known for his collaborative and community-based artwork across the state, is also an art instructor at Black Hills State University, Spearfish. For this project Studeny wanted to collaborate with students to explore the wildland-urban interface. “As an inquiry into human interaction with the landscape, ‘Without Land’ presents artifacts and documentation of walks taken by participants to the edge of ‘the wild’ according their interpretation of that concept,” says Studeny. 

Participants are primarily students in Deborah Mitchell’s art history class. Mitchell, an associate professor of humanities and the curator of the Apex Gallery at SD Mines, invited Studeny to collaborate with her students. Students traveled to a point where they believe nature begins, took a picture, noted geographic coordinates and collected a rock from the site. For the first part of this project, the rocks and photos will be presented at the Apex Gallery.  

At the conclusion of the exhibition, a new group of participants will return all natural materials to the sites of their collection. “This closes the loop of ‘Leave No Trace’ and allows two strangers to share in another’s sense of sublime nature in a direct and profound way,” says Studeny. 

“Without Land” will be on display at the Apex Gallery until April 27. The public is invited to the closing reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, April 27. There will be a ceremony as participants who wish to take part can collect a rock and its coordinates to return the stone to nature.



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