Applied Biological Sciences Bachelor of Science

The Department of Chemistry and Applied Biological Sciences is pleased to offer the Applied Biological Sciences degree at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology beginning in Spring, 2013.

This program will prepare students for careers and/or graduate school by training students in the broad area of applied biological sciences.  Strong preparation in chemistry, mathematics, and physics will complement training in areas of applied biological sciences, including microbiology, molecular biology, and molecular genetics.  Students also have the opportunity to train at the interface of the disciplines of biology and engineering in preparation for further study in biomedical engineering.  This will prepare students for a variety of careers in biomedical engineering and technology, biotechnology, bioprocessing, bioenergy, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and patent law.

The ABS degree will fill a void in the programmatic offerings at the School of Mines.  In addition to engineering degrees, SD Mines has offered basic sciences degrees, including a rigorous ACS Certified Chemistry BS, a BS in Physics, and an Interdisciplinary Sciences degree with specialization in Pre-professional Health Sciences.  However, a formal degree with a biology focus has been lacking. 

This major has a wide range of options to uniquely prepare graduates to pursue cross-disciplinary and technology-oriented careers and professional development paths.  Students can select courses from an extensive list of electives to suit their particular interests and career aspirations.  Students wishing to pursue careers or graduate study in medicine, pharmaceutical science, biomedical technology, medical and patent law, academic research, among other areas, can choose an interdisciplinary approach involving courses in molecular biology and microbiology. For students wishing to prepare for graduate study in biomedical engineering or pursue career fields such as bioprocessing or bioenergy, the ABS program provides an opportunity to meld biology with world-class engineering courses. This focus involves academic preparation in various engineering disciplines, including chemical, materials & metallurgical or mechanical engineering. 

ABS graduates will also be well-positioned, with further certification, to fill the demand for highly-trained middle and high school science teachers.