Past Exhibits










Relevance at the End of Everything (Kyle Novak) A Collision of Objects and Images 17-Jan 15-Feb 


You Are Welcome A Participatory Art-Making Experience
5-Nov 29-Nov 
Sourcebook (Matthew Whitehead) A Personal History of Collection and Aesthetics 24-Sept 26-Oct 
Without Land (Altman Studeny) Collaborative Artifact Collection  23-Mar 27-Apr 
The Mining Aesthetic (Glenn Bodish) Photographs, Drawings, and Artifacts  08-Jan 16-Feb 


Ancient Art New Images (Frederico Vigil) Contemporary Fresco  31-Oct 1-Dec 
Painting in the Dark (Jan Devore) Painting in the Dark 25-Sept      27-Oct
The Birds and the Bees (Bev Beck Glueckert and Renee Taffee) Introspection: The Birds and the Bees 28-Aug      22-Sept
Seasons (Wade Patton) Patton draws the viewer into his interpretation of the natural elements and seasonal changes of the land. 20-Mar 28-Apr
A Thousand Words (Len Davis) Collage/drawings explores the interplay between the figurative & literal term. 9-Jan 10-Feb


Dakota Scapes (Farra, Horan, Shoemaker, Sohl) Dakota Scapes: Images and inspiration from this land we call home 2-Nov 2-Dec
Michael Baum Movement, Muscle, Measure 28-Sep 28-Oct
NeoOutsider (Thornton, Miles, Muhs, Liszak, Lady Pajama) Inside Out: NeoOutsider 22-Aug 23-Sep
Leila Abdelrazaq  Baddawi: Identities in Transit 30-Mar 29-Apr
Student Exhibition   Communicate/Innovate/Fabricate 26-Feb 24-Mar
Schoenewies and Merchant Surface: Texture and Illusions 11-Jan 19-Feb


Tim Peterson American Nocturne 2-Nov 4-Dec
Erika Harvey Majestic Moments 28-Sep 30-Oct
Luke Gorder What Might Have Happened 24-Aug 25-Sep
Bonny Fleming   Every Now and Then 6-Apr  8-May 
Sheila Miles   Everything's A OK 23-Feb 3-Apr
RT Livingston   Handwriting on the Wall 16-Jan 20-Feb


Various Artists   Collage Aesthetic 13-Jan 14-Feb
Nathan Hurst and Chalice Mitchell   Midway 18-Feb 26-Mar
Jude Valentine   Revival 28-Mar 2-May
Sandy Brooke   Suspended 25-Aug 26-Sep
Cathryn Mallory   Tophography - A Mixed Media Exhibit 29-Sep 7-Nov
Kim Arthun   Ah Shi Sle Pahy - photography Nov. 5-Dec


Katie Adkins   Midway 1-Nov 6-Dec
David Bower   Revival 30-Sep 30-Oct
Kyle Fokken   Some Assemblage Required 26-Aug 27-Sep
Joe Davis   Hidden Knowledge 1-Apr 19-Apr
Greg Geiger Flight and Float 19-Feb 29-Mar
Dustin Hinson Imaginary Topographies 11-Jan 15-Feb


Gina Gibson Illuminations 6-Nov 8-Dec
Robert Vore Don't Try 1-Oct 3-Nov
Brian Curtis Stonehenge 27-Aug 28-Sep
ABANA Reunion on the Great Plains 18-Jul 21-Jul
Ellen Durkan (with ABANA 2012) Accessories for an Iron Maiden    
Lulu Yee Childhood Lost and Found 4-May 13-Jul
SDSM&T Students Student Art Show 27-Apr 27-Apr
Sam Chapman   Unhindered by Glass: Captures Across Southeast Asia 29-Mar 25-Apr
Mary Ann Bonjorni   Recent Drawings and Constructions 17-Feb 27-Mar
Bill Ohrmann   Truth: An Exhibition of Paintings by Bill Ohrmann 12-Jan 14-Feb


Jeanne Gumpper   In Place 7-Nov 9-Dec
Jill Poyourow   The Natural Progression of Things 4-Oct 4-Nov
Susan Harris and Brian Hoover   Mythical Cycles 29-Aug 30-Sep
Bob Newland   Pique of Action 24-Jun 26-Aug
Toby Brusseau   The Magic Hours: SD Photography 6-May 24-Jun
SDSM&T Students Student Art Show 27-Apr 29-Apr
Corky Clairmont   The Place We Live 25-Mar 20-Apr
Independent Curators Int'l FAX 25-Feb 23-Mar
Moishe Smith   Intaglios from a Master Printmaker 13-Jan 12-Feb


Don Jones   Forms and Variations 3-Nov 10-Dec
Chris Yushta and Adam Roosa   Photography 4-Oct 29-Oct
Julia Becker   Intuitive Topography 30-Aug 1-Oct
Museum of Geology   Artifacts from the Ages: Art and History 6-Jul 27-Aug
Keith Dalgarno   The Crooked Trees of Alticane 12-May 25-Jun
Nicholas Bonner   Installation 7-Apr 7-May
Bob H. Miller   The Land of Gold 26-Feb 1-Apr
Denise Bellezzo   Made in Italy 13-Jan 24-Feb


Al Kogel Level Head 9-Nov 11-Dec
Dustin Price   A Discourse in Stillness: The Language of Silence 28-Sep 6-Nov
Bob Doherty   Dead On: 50 Years of Photography 28-Aug 25-Sep
Ray Deforest   Selections from the Ray & Barbara Graham Collection 1-Jun 21-Aug
Daniel Fielder   Layers 27-Apr 29-May
Steve Babbitt   Recent Photographs and Explorations 20-Mar 24-Apr
Anthony Capra   All the Paintings Anthony Did 20-Feb 18-Mar
Bently Spang   New American Relics-Redux 16-Jan 20-Feb


Mark McGinnis   This World of Ours 17-Nov 19-Dec
Allan Montgomery Bad Swipe 20-Oct 15-Nov
Neal Ambrose-Smith   Impacted Nations 15-Sep 17-Oct
Kim Henkel   Delicate 1-Aug 12-Sep
Peter M. Spizziri   The Journey Continues 27-Jun 30-Jul
Rollin Wagner   Landscape Inspired Geometric Abstractions 14-May 25-Jun
Robin Smith   Objects in Quiet Places 8-Apr 9-May
Diane Fox   Unnatural History 26-Feb 4-Apr
David W. Osmundsen & SDSM&T Students Forged Iron: The Art and Technique of David W. Osmundsen 16-Jan 23-Feb


Jerry Rawlins   Third Places 16-Nov 15-Dec
Shawn Skabelund   Stigmata at Wounded Knee 4-Oct 9-Nov
Sara Langworthy and Julie Leonard   Artists' Books and Prints 28-Aug 28-Sep


Bev and Steve Glueckert  
28-Mar 28-Apr
Cedric Chatterley, Jean Laughton & Michael Shapiro   Photo Show 22-Feb 24-Mar
Tom Thorson and Kris Anderson   Plein Air Paintings 17-Jan 17-Feb


Student Show   21-Nov 16-Dec
Gerald Lang   Digital Photography 17-Oct 25-Nov
Laura Heit Youngblood   White Washed: Faded Memory 6-Sep 11-Oct
E.S. Curtis Photography 15-Jun 31-Aug
Joe Batt   Late Night Creatures That Hop and Talk 22-Apr 13-Jun


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