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As we confront the greatest challenges of our time — from energy independence to issues impacting human health — the need for far-sighted, agile, and influential leaders in science and engineering has never been so great. That’s why, here, the value of an investment isn’t determined by a financial equation, but by its impact on students’ lives.

Our donors’ generosity hires new faculty who deliver transformative education through smaller classes and greater possibilities. It provides scholarships that erase barriers to opportunity and place the highest-quality of education within everyone’s reach. It’s the knowledge and expertise of our alumni who move revolutionary ideas from the halls of academia to real-world application and partnerships that propel our research enterprise onto a global stage.

There are many ways to support the School of Mines

One meaningful way is through financial support.  Gifts can be made through the SDSM&T Foundation, to the School of Mines Alumni Association to help with student recruiting and other great projects, and to the Hardrock Club to support our great Mines athletics tradition and movement to NCAA Division II. Your ability to give is just a CLICK below to make a difference:

SD Mines Foundation

The Mines Legacy Fund is the backbone of the SD Mines Foundation and critical to the University's mission. Gifts to the Mines Legacy Fund support the Foundation's efforts to provide student scholarships as well as faculty, department, and co-curricular program support.  Visit the Foundation Website.

SDSM&T Foundation

Alumni Association

SD Mines' active Alumni Association is charged with advancing the interests, influence, and reputation of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.  Many faculty, staff, and students comment on the impact alumni make on their alma mater. Your generous support allows the Alumni Association to continue these traditions and its mission for future generations.

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The Hardrock Club

Support your Hardrocker athletics!


Other meaningful ways to support Mines -- attend a sporting event, come to a lecture or campus event, send a child or grandchild to one of our great youth programs events, and share our good news with others via Legacy News and the Hardrocker magazine. If you're an alumna/us, support the department or club you were part of. If you're a fan in the community, engage us on Facebook and Twitter and be an ambassador spreading the Mines message.

Every sweatshirt bought and worn, every game attended, every mention of our name lays the foundation for our future. It attracts the highest-caliber students and scholars, engages our community, and vitalizes our campus life, igniting a fertile ground for intellectual exchange and imagination, discovery and innovation that drives our pursuit of excellence.