Rohan C Loveland (2021)

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Ph.D., Oxford University

M 103B (campus map)
Research Expertise
Dr. Loveland's primary expertise is in Machine Learning. His specific research interests are in Semi-supervised and Active learning for rare category detection, and anomalous/relevant event detection (A/RED) systems. He is currently developing algorithms and tools based on these areas and applying them to large pilot data-sets in agri-business, asteroid warning systems, and finance.
Brief Bio

D. Phil., Eng. Science - Electrical Eng., University of Oxford, 2009
MBA, Concentration - Entrepreneurship, University of Texas at Austin, 1999
M.S. Electrical Eng., New Mexico State University, 1992
B.S. Physics, New Mexico State University, 1989
B.S. Electrical Eng., New Mexico State University,1989

Dr. Loveland worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Research Scientist for most of his career before coming to SDSMT. 

He was also co-founder and CEO of a high-tech startup in the bio-medical device area, as well as being involved in several other entrepreneurial efforts.


Prior Teaching Experience: 
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM,
Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA,
Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
Ho Chi Minh City Technical University, Saigon, Vietnam

Dr. Loveland has worked with a variety of graduate and undergraduate students over the years, and has taken teams of undergraduates to do research during the summer in San Jose, CA (aka Silicon Valley) and Tampa, FL.

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