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Research Expertise
Physical Chemistry is a powerful field of chemistry that allows us to explain the physical and chemical properties of everything around us. My past research has looked at kinetics of gas phase molecules in combustion and super critical fluid processes. This has now evolved to looking at ways to utilize theoretical chemistry in labs and the classroom. A number of possible labs are being looked at as well as different educational methods for the classroom.
Brief Bio
A South Dakota native, I have spent my whole life in the Dakotas. After graduate school I spent a year teaching at University of South Dakota before joining SD Mines. I am the current freshman adviser for the chemistry program. A great deal of my time is also spent advising the Student Members of the American Chemical Society on campus. The activities of that group have a large scope including chemistry demonstration shows and activities throughout the community and campus.
I teach General Chemistry II (Chem 114) in the fall, spring and most summers. This is a course that is utilized by many of the campus and helps prepare many for thermodynamics in the future. I also teach Physical Chemistry I and II (Chem 342/344) primarily to the Chemistry and CBE majors on campus, along with the labs. I also handle a few sections of General Chemistry II lab (Chem 114L) as well as the Introduction to Chemistry (Chem 111) for the Chemistry majors. I pride myself on development of supplemental materials for my classes and stress the utilization of technology inside and out of the classroom.
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