Pathways to Professional Studies in Healthcare

Health related careers number among the most in-demand jobs in the nation.  Students preparing for health fields begin with an undergraduate degree then often go on to professional studies in specific specialties.  As a pre-health student at SD Mines, you can choose the major that matches your interests and fulfill the curriculum requirements for any health professional school. Pre-Health Pathways is designed to provide resources and support every step of the way. Advisors offer expert guidance on courses, help you prepare a competitive professional school application, and assist you in arranging opportunities for professional development, clinical experiences, and internships to support your career goals.

Pre-Health Curriculum

Pre-Health Pathways is not a major but a career track. Offering supplementary curriculum that combines communications and chemical, physical, biological, and social sciences, Pre-Health Pathways prepares students for admission to professional programs in health care, including medical and dental schools and programs in public health, physical and occupational therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, optometry, and other health professions. Small classes, personal attention, and real-world shadowing and internship opportunities prepare SD Mines students for post-graduate study.

Pre-Health Student Profiles

Rebecca Ceremuga sitting in a medical examination room while wearing scrubs

Rebecca Ceremuga

As an intern at Medtronic, Rebecca Ceremuga helped develop a cartridge for dialysis machines, the only alternative to an organ transplant for patients with kidney failure.
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PreHealth AJ

AJ Videckis

Videckis started participating in faculty research during his freshman year, researching titanium oxide nanotubes and how to optimize them for use in surfaces of artificial joints.  
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Pre Health Kennedy

Kirsten Kennedy

Graduate, Dr. Kennedy, says dental work processes are similar to engineering.  
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Choose Your Major

Choose any major at SD Mines and supplement it with additional science courses as needed.

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Pre-Health: Coming Events

Every Friday (subject to holidays and schedule changes)
7:30-8:30 am
Rapid City Regional Hospital Grand Rounds
(SD Mines students invited)
353 Fairmont Blvd., West Auditorium