Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Helios 5-CX dual beam

EMES houses a Thermo Fisher Scientific Helios 5-CX focused ion beam – scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM), which is capable of both imaging and manipulating materials down to the single nanometer scale. The SEM portion of the instrument accelerates a focused beam of electrons at the surface of a material, generating signal electrons and x-rays which are used for imaging and microanalysis. The FIB portion of the system accelerates ionized gallium atoms at the surface of the sample to ablate material, allowing for micro to nanoscale machining of surfaces. In tandem, the FIB-SEM can be used to sequentially remove material and image subsurface features, allowing for 3D rendering of microstructure and chemistry.

The SEM is equipped with a field emission gun source and is capable of 1 nm resolution at 1kV accelerating voltage. Detectors include ET, retractable backscatter, retractable STEM, and several in-lens detectors. Further, the system is equipped with an Oxford UltimMax 100 EDS detector, and Oxford Symmetry S3 EBSD.

The FIB is equipped with a Ga+ source capable of ~4 nm resolution at 30kV. Along with manual user layouts for milling, the system has automated TEM sample prep and in-situ lift-out capabilities through AutoTEM 5 and TF nanomanipulator, and automated serial sectioning with Auto Slice and View.

Axia ChemiSEM

EMES also houses a Thermo Fisher Scientific Axia ChemiSEM scanning electron microscope. The Axia is equipped with ET, retractable backscatter, EDS, and cathodoluminescence detectors enabling a wide range of applications.

Duke, Edward

SEM Facility Primary Contact
Dr. Edward Duke
EMES Director
Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering
Office: Mineral Industries 234
Phone: (605) 394-2388