“The Universe is written in the language of Mathematics.” – Galileo Galilei

Mathematics is a language and methodology for classifying, studying, and predicting patterns of quantity, of structure, of change, and of logic. Mathematics plays a fundamental role in science and engineering. It provides both applicable models with which to explain observable real phenomena, and logical frameworks from which to abstract and predict them. Mathematicians are critical thinkers versed in dialects that abstract complex questions, and problem-solvers trained in techniques that analyze them to uncover solutions.

Students majoring in mathematics at South Dakota Mines study a curriculum uniquely suited to the 21st Century. It combines a theoretically rigorous core suitable for graduate studies with an application/computation focus flexible enough for a career in industry. Our mathematics faculty are recognized locally and nationally for their teaching and scholarship, while our graduates have gone into such fields as

  • Aerospace and space exploration
  • Defense and energy management
  • Actuarial and financial analysis
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Statistical analysis and prediction
  • Software testing and development
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical and manufacturing testing
  • Mathematical research

Galileo declared mathematics to be the language of the universe, a language of beauty and power that required both a critical and creative mind. The Department of Mathematics invites you to join us in learning how to read and write in it.

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Dr. Travis Kowalski
Department Head/Professor
Phone: (605) 394-2471
Office: McLaury 206C