On-Line Training

A training database has been developed to help departments better accomplish their student and employee training needs.  The database is available for use by any department on the SD Mines campus. EHS will develop training for your department or work with the department to set-up an on-line training module.

The first training module that has been developed by EHS is Laser Safety Training. This module has six short video clips followed by a quiz and sign-off questions.  The database requires a login with the user's network login to document the training. The database will automatically send a confirmation e-mail with test results after completion of the training.

The Mechanical Engineering department is also using the database to electronically document reviewal of safety policies. If your department has training requirements, please feel free to contact Jerilyn.Roberts@sdsmt.eduto help with your training needs.

EHS Training Database


  1. Click EHS Training Database link.
  2. Enter network login and password.
  3. Select appropriate training module.