University Chemical Storeroom

The Campus Chemical Storerooom is here to help you with your laboratory, chemical, and hazardous waste  needs.  Chemical purchases are required by policy to be made through the Campus Chemical Storeroom.

Purchasing Forms

Campus Storeroom Inventory
Campus MSDS

Campus Hazardous Waste

  1. Complete Chemical Waste form at the following link:  Chemical Waste Form
  2. Submit form electronically to Aaron Grimm ( ).
  3. Chemical waste can be dropped off during University Storeroom hours or pick-up time will be scheduled. 
  4. For a laboratory clean-out of more than 10 chemicals, before completing forms please contact Margaret Smallbrock ( ) .

Campus Chemical Inventory System

Chemical Inventory System Procedure:

  1. All chemicals that enter the SD Mines property must have a barcode provided by the Campus Chemical Materials Coordinator or designee.
  2. If a chemical is located within a packaging can, the Chemical Chemical Materials Coordinator or designee will provide two barcode labels. The first label will be placed on the can while the second label will be placed on the bottle by the chemical owner once the can is opened.
  3. When the chemical is all gone, take the barcode label off the bottle prior to disposing of bottle. Place the label on the designated form found in your laboratory or department office. Ask your lab manager or department secretary for additional information, if you are unaware of the location of the form. The bar code labels will be provided to the Campus Chemical Materials Coordinator for disposal within inventory system by designated personnel.

Chemical Inventory Capabilities

  • Inventory reports can be run by location provided during purchasing process.
  • Specialty reports can be designed by EHS to provide lab specific information.
  • Future inventories, required annually by SD Mines administration, can be completed by barcode scan. The frequency of reconciling inventory will be decreased to biennially as long as barcodes for used chemicals are provided to Campus Chemical Materials Coordinator for disposal.
  • Old chemicals/expiration dates can be tracked to allow redistribution of chemicals prior to expiration.


  • Dial 911
    (from campus phone system: dial 9-911)
  • Call Campus Safety:
    (605) 394-6100
  • EMERGENCY Webpage
    provides procedures and emergency updates