Humanities and Social Sciences


The Humanities build intellectual and creative awareness.

The Department of Humanities provides study in the fields of art, art history, communication, foreign languages, humanities, literature, music, philosophy, and western civilization. The curriculum uses a broad-based approach, often developing linkages between the humanities and the science, engineering, and technical fields that School of Mines students enter after graduation. 

Although the South Dakota Mines offers no degrees in specific humanities and social sciences disciplines, Humanities and Social Sciences are designed to complement the technical curriculum and enrich the academic and intellectual lives of South Dakota Mines’ students. 

Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences provides courses in disciplines that focus on the institutions of human society and the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of human behavior. By utilizing empirical and quantitative methods in the study of human beings, the curriculum often demonstrates how profoundly scientific and technological developments affect and are affected by society and the environment. 

Although South Dakota Mines offers no degrees in the social sciences, your social science courses will complement your technical study and enrich your academic and intellectual life.

To learn more about what we are doing, please visit the STS blog: The Novum.

Courses, Forms & Requirements

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Brown Bag Master List FA22 pic

Brown Bag Presentations

Dr. Evan Thomas  - September 22nd, “The Talking Books”

Dr. Bryce Tellmann - October 27th, The U.S. Invasion of Canada: Border Broadcasting in the Early Days of Radio

Dr. Christy Tidwell  - November 17th, “If It Bleeds We Can Kill It": The Environmental, Gender, and Anti-Colonial Politics of Predator (1987 and Prey (2022)