Composite Material Development

As composite systems become more integrated into structural components, sporting equipment, satellites, protective plating, and other applications, development of material systems is required for further advancement.  The CAPE Lab has the capabilities to make composite material advancements through research and testing of various composite systems manufactured at our facility.  This is accomplished using the equipment detailed below.

- for composite curing

Tarrico Autoclave

Taricco Corporation autoclaves are built to meet and exceed A.S.M.E and National Board Codes and Standards and come fully loaded with a 3 piece door locking closure system with NO rotation of door that will scuff the door seal. This Taricco autoclave is comprised of fully forged locking rings, machined locking ring lugs, a fully automated hydraulic locking mechanism, patented integral hinge system, internal insulation, self diagnostic PLC hardware, and TCS control system software for Windows based control which provides our customers with added safety and a higher standard of quality.


  • 4' x 10' interior dimensions
  • 825°F max
  • 300 psi ma
  • Computer control and logging


  • Composite curing

- improved productivity of prepreg manufacturing

High-Shear Mixer

Designed and engineered specifically to improve the productivity and versatility of prepreg manufacturing, this WAECO prepreg machine can hot melt impregnate woven fabrics with a max speed of 100 ft/min.  An added capability is laminating thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

- proven in textile and composites production

Wardwell Composite Braider The Wardwell composite braiding system is designed for automated operation with one person tending. This machine has been proven in textile and composites production facilities utilizing many different fiber types. The Wardwell composite braider system is shown above configured for carbon fibers carrying 72 tow spools. The machine may be reconfigured to utilize fewer spools and the head speeds and pitch rate of the machine are easily reconfigurable to optimize differing diameters and contours.


  • 72 braiding spools, 36 longitudinal spools
  • Dedicated computer system for automation of the braiding process, duplication of braided parts and braiding of complex parts


  • Thermoplastic airframe stiffeners
  • Automotive drive shafts
  • Windmill spars
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Sporting Goods

Technical Specifications

  • Carriers - 72 transverse to main axis, 36 parallel to main axis
  • Floor-mounted traverse system
  • Bobbin Dimensions 1 3/4 x 5 1/4"
  • Bobbin Capacity 220 cm3
  • Braid Material Kevlar, Carbon, Fiberglass, Pre-Impregnated Fibers
  • Pull off per Bobbin 50 - 450 grams
  • Central Passage Fitted to application
  • Braid Diameter Max 4"

- automatic operation with only one operator

Filament WinderThe Durawound Mechanical Filament Winder is designed for automatic operation with only one person tending. This product has been proven in everyday production and is highly robust and capable. The Model #11-A Durawinder is a 2-axis Mechanical Filament Winder designed to wind parts up to 48" diameter. The #11-A Durawinder uses simple chain & sprocket technology to achieve the ratios required for patterns with 10° thru 90° winding angles. With (6) easy to change sprocket positions utilizing (24) sprockets, nearly 97 million ratios are available for every length carriage chain.


  • Automated winding of large parts
  • Prepreg tow or wet winding
  • Single operator


  • Composite Pipes and Ducts
  • Cryogenic Tanks and Pressure vessels
  • Drive shafts and torque tubes
  • Composite spars
  • Baseball bats, tennis racquets, skis and poles, golf club shafts, bicycle frames, sail masts and fishing rods

    Technical Specifications

    • 2-Axis Mechanical Control, #40 Roller Chain
    • Ratio Sprocket Sizes - 24 to 72 Tooth
    • Diameter Capacity - 2" to 48"
    • Length Capacity - 24" to 168"
    • Resin Bath (20 roving) up to 2" Band Width for 225 to 900 Yield "E" Glass
    • Tensioner (Offset Type)
    • 8" Mandrel Bolting Hub at Drive End w/ (4)-3/4"-10 Tapped Holes on a 6" Bolt Circle & Adjustable
    • Mandrel Weight Capacity (Max) - 2000 lbs
    • Machine Size - 55" W x (132" + Maximum Winding Length)L x 77" H
    • Spindle Torque (Max) - 5,225 lb-in (3 hp) - 7,160 lb-in (5 hp)

    - for stitching of composite systems

    Industrial Stitcher The Puritan allows for stitching of composite systems in the z-direction.  Setting a very strong and attractive stitch the machine allows for advanced composite material development in the z-direction.


    • 1500 Stitches per inute
    • Thickness range 1/32 in. to 1/2 in.
    • Stitch length 1/64 to 2 1/2 in.


    • Advanced Composite Systems with 3-d weave patterns
    • System Fastening

    - multi-batch milling for rubber and plastic

    Farrell Two-Roll MillConfigured for both rubber and plastic applications, the Farrel Two-Roll Mill is designed for multi-batch routine milling.  The controls are designed and engineered to provide the flexibility required in R&D environments.


    • More accessible front roll
    • 1.3 lb capacity
    • 350°F max Temp

    Technical Specifications

    • Roll Diameter:  6 in (152 mm)
    • Roll Width:  13 in (330 mm)
    • Sheeting Capacity:  3 lb (1.4 kg)
    • Front Roll Speed:  34 to 17 rpm
    • Rear Roll Speed:  24 rpm, Fixed
    • Friction Ratio Range:  0.71:1 to 1.41:1