MS in Mining Engineering

Courses for the Mining Engineering Master of Science program have been developed to expand certain skills that the typical mining engineering graduate should possess. Specifically, the program targets business and management, rock mechanics, ground control, mine design, mining law, specific mining methods and problems, and mine project management.

Mining Engineering students will choose one of three emphasis areas to direct their program of study. Required courses are determined by the emphasis area selected.


This emphasis focuses on rock mechanics, slope stability, and tunneling. Students choosing this specialization will complete the following required courses:

  • Rock Slope Engineering or Advanced Rock Mechanics
  • Advanced Tunneling and Underground Excavation

Mining Engineering Management

Students choosing this emphasis will specialize on economics, finance, and business. Required courses are:

  • Advanced Mineral Economics for Managers
  • Resource Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Topics in Mineral Economics, Sustainability and Mine Regulation

General Mining Engineering

This emphasis will provide students will a strong background in all areas of Mining Engineering. Students will be required to complete the following courses:

  • Rock Slope Engineering or Advanced Rock Mechanics 
  • Topics in Mineral Economics, Sustainability and Mine Regulation 

For more details about the M.S. Mining Engineering Program, please check the SDSM&T Catalog.

This program is available to on-campus students, and to off-campus students through our Distance Education program.