Mining Engineering and Management

Mining Engineering and Management is a new degree at SDSM&T, initiated in Fall 2004, designed to better meet the needs of the mining industry. It combines the traditional mining engineering education with selected management-related concepts in order to better prepare the graduates for the modern mining industry.

Mining Engineering Program Educational Objectives

  • Graduates from the Mining Engineering program will have the analytical, technical and mine design abilities necessary to work effectively in the field of mining engineering and will be informed of recent technical advances in the field.
  • Graduates from the Mining Engineering program will be cognizant of societal issues and their role as future professional engineers working for the general benefit of society.

The program has been very carefully and thoroughly designed with input from our industrial advisory board that consists of senior management executives from a variety of industries ranging from coal, metal, aggregates to services such as explosives and equipment. Some of the more prominent industry names are all well represented on our board, such as Peabody Energy, Foundation Coal, Kiewit Mining, Austin Powder, Newmont Gold, Barrick Gold and more.

Today's mining industry needs graduates who are not only technically sound in engineering, but who can progress quickly through supervision and into management. A mining engineer's chief responsibility is to take the most ore out of the ground for the least cost and least adverse environmental impact. This is accomplished by mining engineers providing technical assistance in many areas, such as rock mechanics, ore reserve evaluation, mine design, equipment selection, and mine land reclamation. Key management-related concepts that the mining engineer deals with on a regular basis include health and safety, economics and finance, labor relations, project management, environmental management, and labor and environmental law. All of these concepts, and more, are included in the new Mining Engineering and Management degree curriculum.

In addition to the Mining Engineering and Management core curriculum, students in the program can take elective courses in engineering and construction materials, advanced rock mechanics, computer application in geoscience modeling, rock slope engineering, coal mining, engineering project management, and advanced management techniques.
Our program offers excellent scholarship, internship and co-op opportunities, please contact us for details.