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Enrollment options for each ensemble are listed below, but additional options may apply.

Contact the instructor of the ensemble for specifics.

Brass Choir

A auditioned instrumental ensemble for brass instruments, the Brass Choir specializes in music written or arranged specifically for brass instruments.

TR 11:00a-12:00p
Music Center 202
MUEN260-OF5 Non-Credit Music Ensemble  

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is an auditioned, mixed-voice ensemble. The Concert Choir has a reputation for excellent performances locally and world-wide, earning first-place awards in international choral competition and drawing large crowds at its highly-anticipated concerts in Rapid City each year. Concert Choir is offered in two sections to facilitate student schedules.

MWF 8:00 am -Music Center 202
MUS-117-M001 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)
MUEN-260-M0F1 Concert Choir (non-credit)
MUS-317-M001 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)

MWF 12:00 pm -Music Center 202
MUS-117-M002 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)
MUEN-260-M0F2 Concert Choir (non-credit)
MUS-317-M002 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)

Jazz Band

Various forms of jazz ensembles have existed at the institution since the 1970s. Quite often, members of the Jazz Band have formed smaller jazz combos to improve their music experience. The Jazz Band meets on Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:00pm to rehearse and performs on- and off-campus several times each semester.

MW 4:30-6:00pm Music Center 202
MUEN-260-M0F6 Non-Credit Music Ensemble 

Master Chorale

Master Chorale is SD Mines' most select vocal ensemble. An award-winning group, all members must be outstanding vocal musicians and in either University Choir or Concert Choir. The Chorale performs everything from Gregorian chant to vocal pop music, and makes appearances at professional music conferences, alumni chapter events, and prestigious venues in the US and in Europe.

TR 5:00-6:30pm
Music Center 304
MUEN-260-M0F4 Non-Credit Music Ensemble 

Symphonic Band

The School of Mines Symphonic Band is a non-auditioned instrumental wind ensemble that meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings to study music ranging from traditional marches to modern band compositions. The ensemble performs at least one concert per semester. Open to community members as well as SD Mines students.

MW 7:30-9:00pm– Music Center 202
MUS-117-M021 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)
MUEN-260-M0F3 Non-Credit Music Ensemble
MUS-317-M021 Music in Performance II (3 Hum. credits) 

University Choir

University Choir is a non-auditioned, mixed-voice ensemble that meets on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 9:30 pm. Open to SD Mines students and community members, the University Choir focuses on the vocal/musical development of the individual singer while providing quality musical experiences. Originally intended as an outlet for those students unable to fit Concert Choir into their schedules, the University Choir has evolved into a separate entity, with different criteria, expectations, and culture.

Thurs 7:00-9:30pm – Music Center 202
MUS-117-M022 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)
MUEN-260-M0F8 Non-Credit Music Ensemble
MUS-317-M022 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit) 

University Orchestra

SD Mines' third large ensemble open to community members and students, the University Orchestra meets on Tuesday evenings in the Music Center, 5:30-8:00pm. Literature ranges from chamber music to larger orchestral works. Contact Ms. Schnittgrund for more information.

Tues: 5:30-8:00pm–Music Center 202
MUS-117-M023 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)
MUEN-260-M0F7 Non-Credit Music Ensemble
MUS-317-M023 Music in Performance I (1 Humanities credit)