Music Activities

At the School of Mines, music is interwoven into our science and engineering curriculum, allowing students to flourish in a diverse environment rich with talent, knowledge, and passion. While the connection between music and science has always been observed, studies in neuroscience have now validated the so-called Mozart Effect, proving that music study enhances the brain's ability to adapt, change, and holistically synthesize multiple thought processes. In other words, studying music helps one learn. Furthermore, music-making sparks the imagination, demands innovation, develops rigorous self-discipline and intellectual flexibility – skills integral to success in every field.

Our music ensemble courses and and other offerings challenge you to think creatively and develop greater musical understandings through the study and performance of all varieties of music, while gaining invaluable teaming and communication skills that will serve you well throughout your chosen career.

You’ll perform in music ensembles at conferences, competitions, and festivals around the world, and receive personalized instruction from faculty renowned and respected for their contributions to the music profession.

Music activities are housed in the Music Center, located in one of the most historic buildings on campus, currently being renovated, on the southeast corner of the campus quadrangle. A focal point of campus life, the Music Center hosts concerts, recitals, classes, rehearsal rooms, and social events such as Open Mic and Karoake nights.

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For more information, contact the music office at (605) 394-2433 or any of the faculty members linked on these pages.


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Scholarship Auditions April 08, 2016

Students wishing to obtain a music scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year must prepare a solo displaying advanced musical skills and sensibilities. There will be a competitive audition for available scholarships. Scholarship applicants must 1) be enrolled in a degree program at SDSM&T with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, 2) have been in an SDSM&T music ensemble for at least one semester, and 3) exhibit leadership potential. Scholarship winners will be expected to play in a large ensemble and a small ensemble at the Director of Music's discretion.