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Geological Engineering 

Are you interested in how we can better understand the behavior of earth processes? Geological engineers work to understand the impacts that geologic processes have on human interaction with our planet. This includes the topics of slope stability, designing engineered structures in rock, identifying groundwater sources, and mitigating against groundwater contamination, evaluating surface water flow and evaluating the risk of flooding, and other engineering topics related to geology and natural processes.

This camp will expose students to how geological engineers utilize field observations to ensure that humans interact with our planet in a positive way. Activities will include stream gaging, a groundwater pumping test, field trips to local geologic points of interest, and a trip to a local rock mechanics laboratory.


All prospective campers must complete the following items before their summer camp application will be complete.

  1. Submit the online registration
  2. Make full payment. Camper's spot will only be held for two weeks by registration unless payment is made.
  3. Submit waivers

Cancellation Policy:

To receive a refund, notice must be given to Brittani Webb at or 605-394-6144 with the cancelation 30 days before camp.


2023-2024 Grades: 9th -12th
June 17 -20, 2024

  • Day Camp 9 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Lunch is provided
  • Registration 8:45 AM Monday June 17th
  • Parent Reception Thursday 1 PM

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