Summer Camp: Green Chemistry

Let's Treat the Earth With Respect!

A week at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biological Sciences.  An experience of a lifetime for any young woman or man!

This week-long summer program offers a perfect combination of innovative hands-on curriculum and fun! The camp is designed to provide an opportunity for talented high school students to experience science in action. Through hands-on experiments and discussions, the green chemistry camp seeks to instill an enthusiasm and appreciation of the role of chemistry in everyday life and to promote a knowledgeable understanding of scientific issues.

The program emphasizes hands-on chemistry and discussions as a means of helping students develop powers of observation, problem solving approaches, and will stimulate scientific curiosity while encouraging campers to exercise their cognitive skills.

Green Chemistry brings about a fundamental difference in perspective of chemical processing. It is the cutting edge of the chemical industry today and promises to change our lives for the better by evaluating environmental concerns. Developing alternative sources of safer, cleaner, renewable energy is among the goals of green chemistry. Green chemistry also approaches chemistry from perspective of sustainability. Green chemistry strategies shift society's dependence on petrochemicals as the basis for most manufactured materials toward alternative chemical options. A basic knowledge of green chemistry and sustainability provides an understanding of how the synthetic world of the chemist may best interface with the natural world.

The goals of the “Green Chemistry Camp: Treat the Earth with Respect” activities are:  

  •  Introduce interested students to the core concepts of sustainable energy and green chemistry, involving the "12 Principles of Green Chemistry;" 
  • Enhance students’ knowledge of renewable energy technologies such as alternative biofuels, solar cells, lithium ion batteries, and fuel cells; 
  • Provide positive role models and encourage students to continue their scientific education; 
  • Engage students in the classroom with hands-on laboratory learning experiences; 
  • Visit chemical-related production facilities on field trips guided by experienced faculty and researchers. 

Students participating in the “Green Chemistry Camp: Treat the Earth with Respect” will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn more about university education, and connect with other scholars as well as explore the beauty of the Black Hills area. 

The camp is perfect for any student interested in pursuing a career in the science and medical fields. 


All prospective campers must complete the following items before their summer camp application will be evaluated.

  1. Submit the online registration.
  2. Submit a Student Interests Statement along with the online registration. In no more than 400 words, answer the following in a short essay:
    • More about you and your interests
    • Why you want to attend this camp and what you hope to learn
    • What attributes you bring to the camp
  3. Provide contact information (name, email and phone number) of a trusted teacher so that we can ask that they complete a brief recommendation survey for the student. 

It's important to note that acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. Evaluation and notification will take place for each student after the registration form, personal essay and teacher recommendation are completed and returned to the camp director, Dr. Tsvetanka Filipova. 


Cost: $975
Grades: 9th-12th 

  • Includes camp, activities, supplies, room and board
  • $300 registration fee, applied to cost of program
  • Minimum enrollment must be met
  • Registration does not guarantee acceptance

Thank you to our sponsors:

For more information

Contact Camp Coordinator,
Dr. Tsvetanka Filipova
(605) 390-0759 (or 394-1698) 

What Campers Say

  • "what I did was more than I could ever have imagined"
  • "we learned about safe and responsible ways to take care of the environment"
  • "really gave me the opportunity to expand on my perspective"
  • "building my first fuel-cell car is something that I will always remember"

Green Earth Testimonials

Filipova, Tsvetanka

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The Green Chemistry Camp is directed by Dr. Tsventanka Filipova who helps students discover the excitement of learning more about science and the environment.

Tsvetanka Filipova,
Lecturer, Chemistry & Applied Biological Sciences
Camp Director 
(605) 390-0759 (or 394-1698)


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