Interdisciplinary Sciences

Please note: This degree program is no longer accepting new students. Please see the BS-STS degree program.

Not every science professional is a "scientist," but a strong science background is required or recommended for a variety of 21st century careers.  Our bachelor of science in Interdisciplinary Sciences (BSIS) students may have a career goal in mind that requires a unique combination of science/mathematics coursework.  They may be preparing for a future in medicine or other health sciences, in law or public policy, in the military or law enforcement, or in meteorology.  Or they might be preparing for a graduate program that doesn't have a corresponding baccalaureate degree at SD Mines.

Humanities and Social Sciences faculty administer and advise the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences (IS) program, which is a science degree that offers students three unique choices in specialization: atmospheric sciences; health sciences; and science, technology, and society. The IS degree provides students with the flexibility to enroll in a variety of math and science courses, as well as carefully chosen electives in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. Individually designed IS programs enable students to tailor the focus of their degrees, and encourages the integration and application of knowledge from diverse disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Sciences BS

For those students, we offer the bachelor of science in Interdisciplinary Sciences degree program.  The BSIS program allows students to complete the essential sequences of math and science courses required for professional and graduate programs, as well as carefully chosen electives in humanities, social sciences, communications, and fine arts.

IS students choose from three specializations:

Stethoscope on a table Law books lined up on a book shelf Weather wing guage outside
Combines the study of chemical, physical, and biological sciences with the social sciences and communications.   
Combines a strong science background with a firm grounding in environmental, social and science policy issues.  
Combines coursework in traditional atmospheric and meteorological studies and earth system sciences.  

Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Sciences degree

  • Flexibility in a range of study from across the SD Mines curriculum.
  • Individual design allowing you to tailor your education to meet your career goals.
  • The opportunity to study natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and liberal arts from a broad perspective, thus providing a well-rounded program.

Courses, Forms & Requirements

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