Mines Undergraduate Research at Sanford Lab

Brady Bos, SD Mines Photo credit SURF.

Brady Bos is a senior physics and mathematics double major at SD Mines from Pipestone, MN. As a freshman, Bos received an email from a professor looking for student help on a physics experiment. That professor was Cabot-Ann Christofferson, the Deputy Director of Majorana Project and a chemistry instructor at SD Mines. Christofferson brought bos on  the MAJORANA Demonstrator located on the 4850 Level of Sanford Underground Research Facility

“I thought it was a great opportunity, so I gave it a shot,” said Bos. 

Bos currently runs data and simulation analysis on the Radon backgrounds in the MAJORANA Demonstrator. 

“When I started I helped with the construction of the experiment, and I have been doing a fair amount of chemistry work too,” said Bos. “I was so surprised at the level of cleanliness that they can achieve in a mine a mile underground.” 

This work gives him extensive experience with data analysis and cleanrooms, which he says is valuable for his future career in physics. 

Bos is one of many undergraduates at SD Mines who take part in research at and around the Sanford Lab.

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