SD Mines is South Dakota’s premier STEM university, highly regarded by industry for producing talented engineers, scientists and professionals with strong work ethics. You will learn from some of the best professors in the country and experience hands-on learning opportunities that prepare you to step easily into your first job. Our students go on to successful careers around the world and here at home, and you will too.

STEM is Our Specialty

Take your love of math and science and apply it to one of our 20 Bachelor of Science degrees in science, technology, engineering or math. These aren't easy degrees, but our students don't expect easy. You will tackle 21st Century challenges - such as the prevention of counterfeit drugs through technology - with a drive and passion to make things better. As a Hardrocker, you can truly change the world.  
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Intern Photo at Nishkian Menninger Engaged Learning

Engineers and scientists learn by doing, failing and doing some more. SD Mines provides plenty of hands-on learning opportunities in maker-spaces and industry standard labs, as well as in the spectacular geologically diverse landscape that surrounds the campus. As a Mines student, you will also give back to your community, from building walkways in community parks to designing greenhouses with local tribal colleges. And when you’re ready to put your education to “work,” you’ll have the opportunity to go on co-ops or internships with companies large and small, in communities across the country and around the world.  
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Collaborative Community

Life on the SD Mines campus is more than books, classrooms and homework. It's robot races in the Quad, blacksmithing and barbeques on a Friday afternoon, late-night hangouts with friends in the dorm and cheering on one of our many Hardrocker teams. It's finding your people - those who geek out on the same stuff you do, whether that’s esports or robots or fossils. And it’s working alongside them in class or in one of our many student organizations. At Mines, you will never be alone in your passions and interests. 
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Never a Number

We give students the personal attention needed to succeed.  An average class size is 23 students.  And, we don’t let graduate students teach; professors teach.  This focus on excellence in face-to-face undergraduate education is increasingly rare in American universities and is one of the things that makes Mines different. 
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High Return on Investment

SD Mines has been named one of the best values in higher education for 20 years straight and is ranked #1 in
South Dakota by PayScale for its return on investment. With a Mines diploma, you will get hired! In fact, 97
percent of recent grads entered graduate school (including medical school) or started their careers at an
average starting salary of $63,354. Now that’s a return on investment you can’t ignore.  
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Starting Fall 2019, the South Dakota Advantage allows new students from Colorado, Iowa, Montana,
Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming to pay the in-state rate. Minnesota students receive reciprocity and
students of Mines alumni pay the in-state rate. Affordable tuition along with a variety of scholarships makes SD Mines a great buy.

Starting Salary & Job Placement

Students are hired by such powerhouse businesses as Google, Medtronics, Garmin, Barrick Gold, Microsoft,
Morgan Stanley and Amazon or are accepted into prestigious graduate programs, including medical school.
Prior to graduation, many students have a paid internship or co-op experience, earning nearly $19/hour, and
many are offered jobs before they even graduate!

Better than MIT

A Forbes magazine article titled " How To Get Through College Debt-Free, And Without Rich Parents", further lays out the value of an education from SD Mines when compared to other universities. In this piece, Rick Kahler, a wealth advisor and president of Kahler Financial Group, points out that, "While graduating from MIT might sound impressive, the average four-year cost of about $200,000 doesn't guarantee any better paying job than graduating from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology at an average four-year cost of about $82,000. MIT students received average salary offers of $70,300 in 2015, according to Business Insider, while SDSM&T students received $61,346 in 2016. Viewing this another way, the difference in total cost between MIT and SDSM&T is about $118,000. For that you get an extra $9,000 a year in earnings. However, if you apply all of the extra earnings to amortizing the extra $118,000 cost at 5%, it will take you over 20 years to break even. That is not a good deal."

Military and Veteran Friendly

Active duty military personnel and reserves on active duty status are eligible for a reduced tuition rate and do not pay fees. Military Times ranks SD Mines among the best schools in the nation for veteran and military students based on military student services and rates of academic achievement. Veteran graduates have a 100% placement rate. Learn more about our Veterans Resource Center.  

Discover the Black Hills

Mines is located near one of the most beautiful places in the country if not the world – the Black Hills National Forest, home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Black Elk Peak.  At 7,244 feet, Black Elk Peak is the highest peak between the Colorado Rockies and the Swiss Alps. Our “Hills” offer an outdoor playground for hiking, skiing, biking and rock climbing, all less than an hour’s drive from campus.  Only minutes away, you’ll find coffee houses, restaurants and shopping in historic downtown Rapid City.   
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