Mapping Network Drives

South Dakota Mines utilizes network storage to make software, resources, and personal storage accessible to students, staff and faculty.

To map network drives, follow these directions:


  1. Type "This PC" into the search bar
  2. At the top menu, select "Computer" and then "Map Network Drive" and you should see the screen below:

  3. Type in the path for the network drive you wish to map to your computer. Be sure to use the letters indicated.
    • F: Drive - \\speedy\sdsmtshare
    • H: Drive - \\speedy\(student ID)$
      Note: Replace (student id)$ with your student id followed by a '$' e.g. 1234567$
      For more information on the H: Drive, see Access Personal Network Storage.

    • Note: When connecting to network drives using VPN, be sure to change \\speedy\ to \\\

  4. Click "Finish." The network drive should now be accessible through the Windows File Explorer.

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