Events at the Museum of Geology

Recurring Events

Weekly Book Reading

Come join us weekly on Thursdays at 10:00am for a geology or paleontology themed story in the kids’ area. We will read an age appropriate book and offer a related activity such as coloring, drawing, or making a puzzle.

Fall Session: Sept. 19 through Nov. 21
Spring Session: Jan. 16 through May 7

Museum Tours

We are happy to provide insightful tours of the Museum for groups and visitors during normal business hours! Join us as we got back in time to learn about the land of the dinosaurs, the Badlands and even South Dakota geology. To ensure that a trained tour guide is available for your visit, please call the Museum at (605) 394-2467 to schedule.

Annual Events

Rock, Fossil & Mineral ID Day

This event is held twice a year and will be held on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 from 11am until 2:30pm.

Interested in identifying your fossils, rocks and minerals? This day is for you! Please join us at the Museum as the Museum staff and Paleo Club assist in your identification needs! As a note, we are not able to tell you the "value" of an item. 

Dino Eggstravaganza

This event is held annually and will be held on Saturday, April 25th, 2020 from 10:30am to 3pm. 

There are many fun and educational hands-on activities for the kids that include learning about dinosaurs, their environment, how paleontologists find and dig up fossils, as well as the difference between Hollywood and Science! This year the Dino Eggstravaganza will be held in partnership with South Dakota Public Broadcasting featuring Prehistoric Road Trip. There will be screenings of a new PBS special about Midwestern geology and paleontology as well as an exhibit hall featuring groups involved in the special from here in South Dakota. Families can take a mini road trip around the Museum and exhibit hall to complete a passport and receive prizes. 

Night at the Booseum

This event occurs annually and will be on Saturday, October 24th, 2020 from 11am to 3pm.

Children can come trick or treat in a safe environment while learning about ancient marine reptiles, flying reptiles, prehistoric mammals, and rocks through games and hands-on educational activities. The staff and volunteers dress up as well making this a free and fun event for all ages! A donation of $5.00 is suggested per family and supports the Museum and Paleontology Club. 

Summer Hours

(beginning Memorial Day)

Monday-Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM     
Closed: Sundays and Independence Day

Winter Hours

(beginning Labor Day)

Monday-Saturday: 8:30 AM - 4 PM 
Closed: Sundays and Federal Holidays

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