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The Museum of Geology sits in the middle of a regional treasure trove of fossils. To the east and south are the Eocene and Oligocene mammals of the White River Formation. Marine reptiles, fish, Fairburn Agates, sharks, and invertebrates litter the shale deposits around the city, and the banks of the Missouri river. To the west are the Jurassic dinosaurs and mammals of Wyoming, and to the north lie fossil plants, dinosaurs, and more from the famous Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation. All of this excellent fossil preservation is combined to form our displays, which span the history of life on Earth, all reflected in the rocks.

Museum Exhibit 1
Museum Exhibit 2

Our mineral collection encompasses thousands of specimens, from over a century of collection, trading, and taking in donations from all over the world. Many of our specimens come from mines that have long been closed or rendered barren, or from countries that have since limited the export of certain minerals. Our collection is truly one of a kind!

Museum Exhibit 3
Museum Exhibit 4

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