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Our website provides answers to most of the questions you're likely to have.  If you don't or can't find an answer, you are always welcome to call the Office of Admissions (605) 394-2414 and we will help you find the information that you need.  Below are some useful "Frequently Asked Questions" for prospective undergraduate students -- about South Dakota Mines, the Admissions process here, the South Dakota Mines student experience, to help you find the answers that you need.

Questions About the Admissions process
Questions About Financial Aid
Questions About the South Dakota Mines Student Experience
General Questions About the South Dakota School of Mines
South Dakota Mines Quick Dates

Questions about the Admissions process

Q. How do I reach South Dakota Mines Office of Admissions and what is the mailing address?
A. Visit the Admissions Staff webpage to see all the different ways you can communicate with us.

Q. What are the admissions requirements?
A. Visit Admission Requirements for all the criteria.

Q. How do I apply for admission?
A. Visit our Undergraduate Admissions Application webpage for everything you need to know.

Q. When should I apply for admission?
A. If you're a high school student, you should apply in the fall of your senior year. Otherwise, the sooner the better. For more information visit our Apply webpage.

Q. After being admitted to South Dakota Mines what will be the next step in the admissions process?
A. See the New Student Checklist for everything you need to know.

Q. Does South Dakota Mines accept AP credits?
A. Yes. If you score a 3 or better on the AP test, send your scores in for college credit. They will need to be sent directly from College Board.

Q. What majors are offered at South Dakota Mines?
A. See our Degrees and Majors page for more information on specific majors and career paths, or check out our list of all South Dakota Mines degrees. Interested in lots of our degrees? That's great!  We offer the option for our students to come in as undeclared so you can take the first semester to explore your options through our special intro seminar course.

Q. Does South Dakota Mines offer campus tours to prospective students?
A. There are a variety of ways to visit campus. See our "Visit With Us" webpage to find out more.

Questions About Financial Aid

Q. How do I apply for financial aid?
A.  Visit Applying for Financial Aid to learn more.

Q. How do I apply for a freshmen scholarship at the South Dakota Mines?
A. If you were accepted to the South Dakota Mines by the priority deadline of January 15, you're all set but visit Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information.

Q. How much does it cost to attend the South Dakota Mines?
A. Visit Tuition and Costs for all information related to cost of attendance.

Questions About the Student Experience

Q. What is the male to female ratio?
A. Approximately 3 to 1. Visit our Points of Pride page for more details.

Q. How large is your freshman class at the South Dakota Mines?
A. Fall enrollment ranges from 470-500 freshmen

Q. What is your average ACT and SAT score of incoming students?
A.  ACT Composite: 27; SAT Total: 1280

Q. What is the average high school GPA?
A. 3.57 (unweighted)

Q. Where do your students generally come from?
A. Students come from 41 states and 28 foreign countries.
Q. What is the Student to Faculty Ratio
A. 15:1

Q. What is the average class size
A. 24

Q. What kind of computer facilities are available to students?
A. All entering students are enrolled in our TabletPC program and receive a TabletPC laptop. The South Dakota Mines campus is completely wired and residence halls have network connections. Learn more.

Q. Where can I find the Academic Calendar? 
A.  See the Academic Calendar or the Catalog.

Q. Does South Dakota Mines offer students cooperative (co-op) or internship programs?
A. Yes. 77 percent of graduating seniors each year have participated in a co-op or internship. Opportunities for co-ops and internships are available in the fall, spring, and summer.

Q. What are the different activities available for student to get involved with (athletics, music, clubs, etc.)?
A. See Getting Involved for some ideas.

General Questions About South Dakota Mines

Q. When was the South Dakota Mines founded?
A. 1885 - four years before South Dakota became a state!  Find out more about our history.

Q. How large is the campus?
A. 120 acres

Q. Where is the South Dakota Mines located, and where do I park when I get there?
A. Visitors may park in front of the O'Harra Building. The Office of Admissions will provide you with a parking permit (See Campus Map and Directions and Parking information.) South Dakota Mines is located in Rapid City, South Dakota only minutes off of Interstate 90.

Q. What is the Rapid City/Black Hills area like?
A. From urban amenities, to outdoor activities, to tourism venues, to the biggest motorcycle rally in America, you'll find plenty to do in Rapid City and the beautiful Black Hills.


South Dakota Mines Quick Dates

In order to be eligible for freshman scholarships, students must be accepted to South Dakota Mines by January 15.  The last time students can take the ACT or the SAT and have those scores be considered for freshman scholarships is December.

The FAFSA application is available on October 1. Students are encouraged to fill out and file the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 prior to the fall semester you plan to attend. For example, October 1, 2021 for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Parking application
The parking application goes live for students in early July.

Housing application for freshmen students:
Application will open in mid-February.

Late applications are accepted until school starts in the fall.
Housing assignments are dispersed in June.

Application for the Spring and Fall semesters:
Applications are processed beginning September 1.
Expect to hear a reply from the Office of Admissions within 5-10 business days.

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