Accepted International Students – Next Steps

Once you have been admitted to the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, here are a few resources to help you take the next steps.

Checklists – to help you prepare

Interactive Checklist
New Student Checklist

Visa Requirements

Find Visa Requirements information on our Requirements webpage.

Housing - On-Campus and Off-Campus

Space may be available in the college residence halls for single students or students whose spouses are not in the US (Visit our ResLife website for complete information.) Married student housing is not available on campus. The successful applicant who may wish to consider staying in a residence hall should contact the director of residence life to request an application form. However, a dormitory resident is also required to purchase a food service contract. Students desiring to live in on-campus housing should keep the following in mind:

  1. Applications must be accompanied with a required $100.00 (US) deposit. This means that no room assignment or reservation will be made without the required deposit.
  2. Temporary housing is not available on campus during the two-week period preceding and following fall and spring semester registration dates. If you intend to reside on-campus, you must submit a completed application along with the required $100.00 (US) deposit. If you change your mind, your deposit will be forfeited in accordance with the provisions of the contract printed on the reverse side of your application form.

Students attending SD Mines often live in apartments so that costs can be shared. The apartments range in size from efficiency (a one-room apartment) to four-bedroom apartments. An efficiency apartment will cost around $350 per month; a four-bedroom house will cost approximately $800-$1000 for one month of rent. (These amounts do not reflect the additional costs for utilities.) When obtaining an apartment, usually one or two months of rent is required in advance for a deposit. Farther away from campus, the apartments are usually less expensive. In order to find satisfactory off-campus housing, admitted students should arrive in Rapid City one to two weeks before classes begin.


On-campus jobs are not plentiful at SD Mines, although international students are allowed to work on-campus. Employment must be performed on the school's premises and is limited to no more than twenty hours per week while school is in session. F-1 students may not work off-campus. Spouses in F-2 status are not permitted to work under any circumstances.  A student on a J-1 visa and his/her spouse on a J-2 visa should contact the Ivanhoe International Center for regulations concerning US Immigration & Naturalization student status and eligibility to work.  Find out more about Working in the USA.

Travel Resources

When making your travel plans, be sure to fly all the way to Rapid City, South Dakota.  There are no “cheap flights” available after you arrive in the US.  It will be much less expensive if you book your ticket all the way to Rapid City when you book your ticket to the US.  Check out our travel information webpage at the Ivanhoe International Center for travel resources and assistance.

After You Arrive

Find Resources and Documents that are useful to new international students.  Learn more about Organizations and Support available to you.  Visit our Ivanhoe International Center website for more resources.

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