Costs for International Students

An ESTIMATE of annual costs is below. Students are responsible for these costs each year. International students are not eligible for South Dakota Mines or federal loan programs and should not apply for this type of financial assistance.

This estimate is based on an average number of credit hours for undergraduate (15) and graduate students (9). All international students must pay an international student fee of $150 per semester which is included in the tuition and fees section.  

Living expenses are based on very modest accommodations and food.

Estimated costs for 2023-24
(living on campus, one academic year)

  Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition and fees (9 months) $16,500 $14,970
Living Expenses (9 months) $10,710 $ 12,410
Books & Supplies (9 months) $ 1,040 $  1,000
TOTAL $28,250 $28,380

The estimate for living expenses includes only room, board, and health insurance, which is mandatory for international students. This does not include personal and transportation expenses. The institution estimates that you will spend approximately $3450 per academic year on personal and transportation expenses, so please be prepared for these expenses.

Additional estimated costs for students with dependents

Spouse   $12,000
First Child
Second Child
Third Child

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) requires that US colleges or universities must establish that a student is able to pay all educational and incidental expenses BEFORE issuing the I-20 form.

Financial Documents requirement 

For Graduate students - complete the steps with the Graduate Admissions team first!

After being admitted, the student must show proof of funding for a minimum of one academic year. Scanned copies are acceptable, but the originals must be shown when applying for the visa.

STEP 1:  If you are being sponsored by a third party (parent, relative, etc.), download the Financial Support Guarantee and complete all information. If you are receiving a full assistantship or are providing your own funding, do not complete this step.

STEP 2:  Contact to receive the F-1 details form and upload the financial documents (see below) and any additional information as requested.

Sample Bank Statement 

Financial Support Guarantee

  • Financial documents must be current (less than 6 months old) when the I-20 or DS-2019 is issued
  • Financial documents must be written in English or accompanied by an official translation
  • Bank statement must:
    • be on bank letterhead
    • include the bank’s contact information, including address, telephone number, web site URL, email
    • include the account number
    • include the date the account was opened
    • include the balance to date
    • include the bank official’s signature and stamp
  • A financial statement must NOT state the student or sponsor has “ample funds” with no dollar amounts. This will not be accepted. A bank statement that states you have "at least $29,000 available for your use" is acceptable.
  • Financial documents must include only cash or liquid assets; statements including the estimated value of land, jewelry, and other non-liquid assets are NOT acceptable.
  • Multiple accounts are acceptable, but please include a summary of the accounts, include all account numbers and types
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Money market
    • Fixed deposit
    • Education loans
    • Other – please contact Ivanhoe International Center at  
  • A sponsor letter must include the
    • student’s name and anticipated degree
    • sponsor’s name
    • specific amount of funding provided annually or monthly
    • length of time sponsor is willing to provide funding
    • relationship to student, if any
  • Scholarship award documents must include the
    • student’s name and anticipated degree
    • name and source of the scholarship
    • scholarship contact information (name, address, telephone, web sire URL, email)
    • specific amount of funding provided annually or monthly and how the funding is distributed
    • direct billing information, if applicable
    • specific items covered (tuition, fees, books, living expenses, insurance, etc.)
    • length of time sponsor is willing to provide funding

    Contact Us:

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