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Placement in the English composition courses is first based on ACT composition subscores. If students are satisfied with their placement based on those scores, then students do not have to take the ACCUPLACER  test for writing or reading that cover English skills. Students who have not taken the ACT exam within the past 5 years, or have not provided their ACT or SAT scores to us, are required to take the ACCUPLACER test and they are administered at no charge. Students who have taken the ACT exam, but are not satisfied with placement based on those scores, may challenge the ACT English (writing and reading) scores one time only by taking the ACCUPLACER test for writing and/or reading. In these cases, students will be charged $17.00 for the ACCUPLACER test. The ACCUPLACER test scores may allow them to enroll in higher-level classes than their ACT scores indicate. The table below shows how placement is determined for English courses:

ACT Score    ACCUPLACER   English (Writing) Course Placement  
1 to 12 Sentence Skills 0 - 52 ENGL 101 Composition I and ENGL 033 Basic Writing (3 cr.)
13 to 14 Sentence Skills  53 - 70 ENGL 101 Composition I and ENGL 033 Basic Writing (2 cr.)
15 to 17 Sentence Skills  71 - 85 ENGL 101 Composition I and ENGL 033 Basic Writing (1 cr.)
18 to 36 Sentence Skills  86 - 120 ENGL 101 Composition

Appendix A
Effective Fall 2015


University   Courses   Enhanced ACT Scores
Smarter Balance


SDSMT ENGL 033 Basic Writing: 3 credits*
ACT English: 1 to 12
Writing: 1 to 32
Sentence Skills: 0 - 52
0 - 2492

ENGL 032 Basic Writing: 2 credits*
ACT English: 13 or 14
Writing: 33 to 48
Sentence Skills: 53 - 70
0 - 2492

ENGL 031 Basic Writing: 1 credit*
ACT English: 15 to 17
Writing: 49 to 73
Sentence Skills: 71 - 85
2493 - 2582

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