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Math is the foundation of every science and engineering program at South Dakota Mines. Strong math skills are critical to your success in all upper division science and engineering courses. Calculus I is required of all degree programs at Mines. Engineering Precalculus  and Trigonometry are preparatory pre-calculus courses that do not count toward most degrees on campus; however, this content must be mastered before entrance into Calculus I.

Based on your Math Index and ACCUPLACER scores, you will be placed in one of the following math courses when you start at South Dakota Mines.

Math Index = 250 × HS GPA + 17 × MATH.ACT

Math 116

Math Index of 1150 or higher
Next-Generation ACCUPLACER  
QAS 255-300 or AAF 200-249

Math 120

Math Index of 1300 or higher
Next-Generation ACCUPLACER
AAF 250-300 or ACCUPLACER Calculus Readiness 1-18 

Math 123

Math Index of 1300 or higher
ACCUPLACER Calculus Readiness score of 19 or higher

Math 125

AP Calculus AB exam score of 3 or higher

Proper placement is all about getting you into the right course. If you start too high then there is a higher likelihood you might fail. It is important to start at the course that matches your preparation.


In order to help you sharpen your math skills and prepare you for math at Mines, we offer a FREE math review program called MathSpark. This is an online program available to incoming freshmen the summer before you start classes. MathSpark review courses are available for Engineering Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus I and Calculus II. For example, if you plan to take Calculus I, the MathSpark Calculus I course covers the review content we expect you to have mastered on day one of Calculus I.

Why MathSpark is important -

  • You can start class confident in your math skills.
  • You can challenge your math placement by taking ACCUPLACER a second time when you come to campus in the Fall. If you place higher in math, we will update your schedule and move you to a higher math class.
  • For every lower level of math you don’t have to take (or retake), you save time and money!
  • MathSpark was introduced in Summer 2015. Fall 2015 freshmen had higher success rates in their first math class than Fall 2014 freshmen.


MyMathTest is a Pearson online product used at the South Dakota Mines to help students determine if they have the pre-requisite skills necessary to do well in a course. Not sure if you're ready -- learn more about using MyMathTest to find out:  


South Dakota Mines is committed to giving our students the personal attention and instruction needed to succeed in a challenging academic program. We are committed to student success and math is a key element to success.

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