Fraternity and Sorority Life at SD Mines

With seven nationally-affiliated organizations, the School of Mines has a thriving Fraternity and Sorority Life student population of over 200 students on campus. Five fraternities and two sororities make up a community that has grown since the first Greek organization was established on campus in the 1930's. They have all played a part in maintaining many of the traditions the university celebrates today.

While each fraternity and sorority was founded on their unique missions and values, all of them aim to help students become well-rounded individuals. They do this by hosting social, philanthropic and educational events for their members. Additionally, students who get involved with Fraternity/Sorority organizations are often very active in other groups around campus. These groups include Student Association, professional societies and athletic teams. Additionally, many of the students in the Leadership Hall of Fame are members of Fraternity and Sorority organizations.

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority often strengthens students’ ties with the university, as well. Approximately 40 percent of all alumni donations to the university come from individuals who were a part of a Greek organization during their time at Mines. Only 20 percent of the Alumni were Greek. If you are wondering whether or not the Greek community is a good fit for you, check out the pages for each of the organizations. Contact information for each house can be found in Mines Link.    

Community Snapshot:  
Alpha Chi Sigma
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Omega Epsilon
Delta Sigma Phi
Lambda Chi Alpha
Theta Tau
Greek Council

For more information contact:
Cory Headley          
Director, Student Life and Engagement         

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