Student Issues and Input

The South Dakota Mines takes student input (thoughts, compliments, suggestions, complaints and grievances) seriously.  Therefore, to resolve issues (i.e. services, policies, freedom in learning/intellectual diversity) the following resources are available.

For easy access to report service issues:

Report Service
Issues with WIFI
Make a ResLife
"Fix-it" Request
Register a parking
ticket appeal
Comment on
Dining Services

Regarding other issues, students are encouraged to resolve the problem directly with the party or parties involved. If this does not resolve the issue, students are encouraged to pursue resolution through the following links which includes South Dakota Mines as well as South Dakota Board of Regents policies and procedures:

Grievances with contracts, policies: The formal grievance process to address concerns with South Dakota Board of Regents or South Dakota Mines contracts, policies, rules, regulations or statutes that directly affect enrollment and academic standing is outlined in South Dakota Mines Policy Manual, Policy III-1-3. See Grievance Forms.

Academic/Grade Appeals: The South Dakota Board of Regents policy Student Appeals for Academic Affairs, 2:9, addresses student dissatisfaction with assigned grades. The process begins with the student meeting with the professor who issued the grade. If not resolved at this level, see process outlined in BOR policy 2:9.    

If you are requesting an academic waiver for a 4th attempt, grade change to a W, or a late withdrawal, apply for an academic appeal.

Freedom in Learning/Intellectual Diversity: Under Board of Regents and University policy student academic performance may be evaluated solely on an academic basis, not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards. Students are free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion, but they are responsible for learning the content of any course of study for which they are enrolled. Students who believe that an academic evaluation reflects prejudiced or capricious consideration of student opinions or conduct unrelated to academic standards may use this Freedom in Learning form to share their thoughts with the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Student Code of Conduct violations: Student Conduct violations of university policy will be done in accordance with the South Dakota Board of Regents Policy 3:4 Student Code of Conduct. This and/or any other student concerns may be reported via the Advocate Reporting Form.

Discrimination, Harassment: Discrimination and harassment reporting processes are outlined in the Board of Regents Policy 1:17 Harassment including Sexual Assault and 1:18 Human Rights Complaint Procedures. To file a complaint, contact Human Resources, O’Harra Building, 605-394-1203.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Sexual misconduct/Title IX processes are available in the Board of Regents Policy 1:17 Harassment including Sexual Assault and 1:18 Human Rights Complaint Procedures. To file a complaint, contact Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator Email, Surbeck Center, 605-394-2533.

Students, We want to hear from you: If your thoughts, compliments, suggestions and/or complaints don't fall into one of previously mentioned categories, please complete the following form. Check one or both for whom you wish to receive this information. Student Complaint Form

The SARA Complaint Procedure Flowchart pdf - is for students enrolled in an online degree-program from a South Dakota-based institution that is approved to operate under the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), who wish to submit a complaint.

External review agencies are also available:

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) complaint process is designed to allow stakeholders and members of the public to provide information that can indicate potential concerns regarding an HLC institution’s compliance; is not designed to intervene in individual matters. HLC’s policy on complaints provides a full description of the type of complaints that HLC will review.

The Division of Consumer Protection provides important consumer information including laws and resources to guard against fraud and deception. Whether you feel like you are being/have been scammed by a business or you are just confused by a bill you received, investigators are available to help mediate and find a resolution to consumer complaints. For more information contact the South Dakota Division of Consumer Protection or e-mail: consumer-help.

Notice of Non-Discrimination: The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, gender identity, transgender, sexual orientation, age, or disability, genetic information, veteran status or any other status that may become protected under law against discrimination or other grounds unrelated to reasonable employment, educational or programmatic expectations, a person has been subjected to disparate treatment in terms and conditions of employment, in the delivery of educational services, programs or activities, or with respect to the participation in the activities of officially recognized organizations.