Cocurricular Programs

Cocurricular Programs at South Dakota Mines are available to students involved in a variety of disciplines and exist to empower students, bring them new and enriching experiences, foster academic achievement, and create outreach to potential students interested in science and engineering. 

Culture and Attitude

The Culture and Attitude program aims to attract, retain, and graduate more women and underrepresented students in engineering through scholarships, industry mentors, professional development, and new curriculum that engages diverse learning styles. The program will also partner with community organizations to incorporate service learning into the classroom. Participating departments include metallurgical, industrial, mechanical, mining, and civil engineering.


Tiospaye in Science and Engineering Program aims to increase the number of American Indian students graduating from South Dakota Mines with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, mathematics, and science fields through financial, academic, professional, cultural, and social support.
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The SD-FIRST program at South Dakota Mines supports first-generation students, creating an environment where they will find success.     

As the first in their families to attend college and complete a college degree, first-generation students and their support system can lack firsthand experience navigating the higher education world. While other students can call home for advice from parents who have university experience, for first-generation students whose family members have no or limited experience with the process, higher education hurdles can seem insurmountable. The SD-FIRST program fills that void.  

Nationally, 20 percent of university undergraduates are first-generation. At South Dakota Mines, one-third of incoming freshmen are first-generation students.

Our SD-FIRST program provides evidence-based resiliency support in academic, social, and economic areas with the goal of helping first-generation students find success, and ultimately graduate with a degree from South Dakota Mines. The program is designed to give students the tools to better understand and navigate a college culture and encourage higher levels of emotional intelligence in students, which results in greater involvement in campus life, higher retention and graduation rates, and more first-generation students entering the STEM fields.
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Center for Advanced Multidisciplinary Projects

The exceptional Center of Excellence for Advanced Multidisciplinary Projects, at South Dakota Mines, is a competitive, nationally-recognized program that brings together students, faculty, and industry leaders to partner on real-world projects. 
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