Online Registration, Schedules and Results

Registration for Hardrocker Intramurals is now online. Additionally, all team schedules and results are online and are operated through IMLeagues. Please click HERE to visit the Hardrocker IMLeauges page.

When Are Intramural Sports Played?

Intramural sports are typically played Monday through Thursday, and the time frame is usually 6:15pm to 10:00pm.

Looking For a Team?

Intramural sports registration occurs through team registration. If you don’t have a team, don’t worry; there is still an opportunity to play. Simply go to the Hardrocker IMLeagues page. There you will be able to go to a certain sport and division and sign up as a free agent. The intramural sports department doesn’t create teams, but our teams are constantly looking for additional players.

Hardrocker Intramurals Policies


Hardrocker Intramurals are EXCLUSIVE to current students, faculty and staff of South Dakota Mines.