Economic Development

The South Dakota Mines Office of Economic Development (OED) is the institutional unit whose goal is to assist students, faculty and other academic personnel to engage in entrepreneurial activities and transition scientific and technological innovations. Below is a brief description of the activities the OED leads in relation to the goal stated above.


  • Invention Disclosure Facilitation - We work with researchers and faculty to provide advice about potential intellectual property issues during research activities and to assist in the invention reporting process.
  • IP Support - We provide advice on policies & procedures regarding matters of intellectual property.
  • Patenting and Protection - We provide guidance in planning an effective patent, copyright, or trademark strategy and handle all implementation details during the protection stage.
  • Start-up Assistance - We provide proactive assistance in analyzing potential opportunities to form a start-up based upon South Dakota Mines technology and encourage this interaction during the early invention reporting process.
  • Commercialization of Technology - We assist in technical and market assessments and actively market South Dakota Mines technologies to industry partners. We create non-disclosure, material transfer, collaboration and license agreements with these industry partners to effectively get our technology into commercial use.
  • Competitive Entrepreneurial Opportunity (CEO) - The CEO program, a student business plan competition is a comprehensive, semester long program that immerses students in learning to draft a business plan and present that plan at a pitch competition for cash awards. The CEO program hosts a number of workshops focused on opportunity identification and introducing students to business concepts and the contents of a typical business plan.
  • Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs (EMGE) - In partnership with the South Dakota Mines Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement, OED co-hosts this unique program that has been running for over a decade. The goal of the program is to expose South Dakota Mines students to entrepreneurship as a potential career choice. The program features presentations by a number of successful entrepreneurs and culminates with students presenting the insights they've gained and plans for utilizing them in their career planning.
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) Program - The EIR program has over 25 highly successful entrepreneurs and business people in the entirely voluntary program. These EIRs offer their time to support the pop-up class program, where a number of EIRs give guest lectures on entrepreneurship, business formation, trend analysis, team building and IP in classes all around campus, they also volunteer for start-up weekend, innovation expo, CEO, EMGE, and a number of other entrepreneurial efforts run out of the Office of Economic Development.
  • I-Corps Assistance - The OED offers I-Corps assistance to undergraduate and graduate students from any major to help them acquire the skills needed to start their own business. I-Corps is based on a nation-wide program sponsored by the NSF to train students, faculty and staff about entrepreneurship.
  • Boots to Business - The Boots-2-Business program is a one-day workshop that provides veteran students on campus an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as a career option. The program allows vets to explore developing a business model, and are invited to continue with customer discovery activities after the program.
  • Proof-of-Concept Program Coordination - The Proof of Concept Fund is a loan program within the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). It provides up to $25,000 investments for eligible applicants to conduct research demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of an innovation, significantly enhancing the likelihood of commercialization of the innovation. The OED coordinates the program on campus, assists in application preparation and administers the program after an award is made. Repayment of the proof-of-concept loan comes from royalties realized by the OED through its commercialization efforts.

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