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Science, Technology, and Society Degree

Program Offerings

• Bachelor of science degree in Science, Technology, and Society
• Associates of arts degree in General Studies
• Minor: Science, Technology, and Society
• Certificate: Esports

What is Science, Technology, and Society?

The Science, Technology, and Society (STS) degree combines rigorous science coursework with a firm grounding in the social sciences, humanities, and liberal arts. Students develop communications skills and connect scientific and technological innovations to real-world problems in order to analyze the societal impact of those innovations. Students choose from two tracks - environment & sustainability or policy & law.

The Science, Technology, and Society program prepares students for admission to law school or graduate school, and for careers in public policy, science communications and writing, environmental sciences, science and technology business, education, the military, or law enforcement.

What does a science, technology and society graduate do?

A degree in Science, Technology and Society prepares students for additional study in law school, public policy and community development programs as well as accelerated teacher certification programs. STS graduates are also prepared for communications jobs in the fields of technology and science.

First-Year Courses

• Biology
• Chemistry
• English Composition
• Math or Computer Science elective

Course Curriculum

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Internships and Co-ops

Through cooperative education (co-ops) and internships, South Dakota Mines students have many opportunities to apply their education to "real world" work experiences. 79% of Mines graduates have at least one paid internship before they graduate, earning over $19 an hour. Students in the Science, Technology and Society program have interned with:
• Law firms
• State Bar Association
• City council

Career Outlook

Average starting salary for a 2017-18 SD Mines STS graduate was $46,000. Job or graduate school placement rate for STS graduates is 100 percent.


Potential careers for Science, Technology and Society graduates include:
• Positions in community and government agencies
• Science and technology companies
• Military
• Law enforcement
• Education - science and math teachers
• Science lobbyists




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