Tiospaye Scholar Program

The purpose of the Tiospaye Scholar Program is to increase the number of American Indian students graduating from South Dakota Mines with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, mathematics, and science fields through financial, academic, professional, cultural, and social support.

South Dakota Mines awards renewable scholarships worth up to $8,000 annually in engineering.

As of January 2019, we have graduated 40 scholars with the following demographic and post-graduation placement:

  • 28% Female and 72% Male
  • 18% in Sciences and 82% in Engineering
    • 30%: Civil Engineering
    • 22.5%: Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 
    • 12.5%: Mechanical Engineering
    • 10%: Mining Engineering
    • 5% Each: Geology and Chemistry 
    • 2.5% Each: Geological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Science, Interdisciplinary Science
  • 80% STEM-related Job Placement
    • 15% Employed on a Reservation
  • 15% STEM-related Graduate Programs
  • 5% Unknown

These grants are provided by the National Science Foundation -- Award Number: 0807218; 0966365; 1260101

The Tiospaye artwork of the eagle feather and eagle plume, in the banner above, represent the honor given to male and female graduates of the program, and were created by Mr. Del Iron Cloud, a renowned local Native American artist.