Cocurricular Programs

Cocurricular Programs at the South Dakota School of Mines are available to students involved in a variety of disciplines and exist to empower students, bring them new and enriching experiences, foster academic achievement, and create outreach to potential students interested in science and engineering.

Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Production

The exceptional Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Production, at the School of Mines, is a competitive, nationally-recognized program that brings together students, faculty, and industry leaders to partner on real-world projects.
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EPICS is an academic program where undergraduate students earn course credits for participation in teams that tackle real-world projects.  Student teams partner with non-profit community organizations to provide comprehensive technological and engineering solutions.  Through the EPICS experience, students get early experience in working in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle the kinds of challenges that can't always be replicated in academic exercises and lab practice. 
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Honors Program

The SD Mines Honors Program is different than the traditional honors programs offered at most universities.  It's designed to challenge and develop exceptional students beyond academics: developing leadership by solving problems that benefit others. It emphasizes leadership, teamwork, community involvement, problem solving, and puts science and engineering in the real world context where it does what it was always meant to do: improve our world. 
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Pre-Health Pathways

Healthcare careers number among the most in-demand jobs in the nation.  Pre-health students at SD Mines can choose the major that matches their interests and fulfill the curriculum requirements for any health professional school. The pre-health program is designed to provide resources and support every step of the way. Advisors offer expert guidance on curriculum, help prepare a competitive medical school application, and assist in arranging opportunities for professional development, clinical experiences, and internships to support your career goals.
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Tiospaye in Science and Engineering Program aims to increase the number of American Indian students graduating from South Dakota School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, mathematics, and science fields through financial,  academic, professional, cultural, and social support.
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WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering)

Though numbers are on the rise, women are still underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) seeks to increase the number of women in science, math and engineering fields through outreach, recruitment, and student support and retention efforts.
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