Tuition and Fees Schedule - 2014-2015 Academic Year

All tuition and fees must be paid as part of the registration procedures at the beginning of each semester.  The amount for tuition and fees will be set each year by the South Dakota Board of Regents.  The Board of Regents reserves the right to make changes in any fee as and when it deems necessary.

Tuition Category

Tuition Rate/Cr.Hr.

Tuition & Fees/Cr.Hr. 1  
Tuition Rate/Cr.Hr.

Tuition & Fees/Cr.Hr. 1
SD Resident $138.80 $341.15 $210.40 $412.75
SD Non-Resident $233.20 $458.55 $470.30 $695.65
Minnesota Reciprocity $152.35 $354.70 $309.90 $512.25
SD Employee and SD
Teacher Certification
$69.40 $271.75 $105.20 $307.55
Student 65 yrs of age or older $34.75 $237.10 $52.60 $254.95
Graduate Assistant  2
(SD Resident)
$70.15 $272.50 $70.15 $272.50
Graduate Assistant
$70.15 $295.50 $70.15 $295.50
Graduate Assistant
Self Support (Internet)
NA NA $286.10 No fees
Self Support Courses 3
$312.90 No fees $414.85 No fees


  1. The Tuition/Fee per credit hour includes tuition, general activity fee and university support fee. The engineering & science fee varies and the estimated amount is included.  Not included are lab fee(s).
  2. Stipend of $3,475.00 per semester.
  3. Self support credits include, but are not limited to, credits offered off campus, including online and distance courses.


See also: Residence Hall/Apartment Fees and  Campus Dining Meal Plans

Application Fee —  $20 undergraduate and $35 graduate.
Non-refundable charge upon initial application for admission.

General Activities Fee$45.20 per credit hour
This fee is assessed for each state-funded course. Examples of activities funded by this fee are student organizations, cultural events, homecoming, student government, student newspapers, intramural athletics, wellness center, intramurals, student health services, and the Surbeck Center operational and debt expenses. The allocation of general activity fees is recommended to the president by students on the General Activity Fee Committee, and the president is the approving authority of how these fees are spent.

Laboratory Course Fee$56.40 per lab
A laboratory course fee is charged for each laboratory course.  This fee helps support the added costs associated with maintaining the laboratories.

Engineering and Science Fee$66.85 per credit hour
The Engineering & Science Fee is used for maintaining accredited professional programs in engineering and technology.  This fee is used for such needs as maintaining state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and electronic library resources, operating the required senior capstone group design projects, and maintaining the embedded learning outcomes assessment programs now required for accreditation.  The Engineering and Science Fee on course prefixes MATH as well as CSC105 and CSC150/150L will be $22.05.

University Support Fee
$90.30 per credit hour (Resident), $113.30 per credit hour (Non-Resident)

This fee, assessed per credit hour on each course, is used to purchase equipment, materials, and services in support of instructional programs.  Also to provide necessary student services, i.e. financial aid, counseling, catalogs and bulletins, student testing, administrative operation & maintenance costs, and student information system software.

Vehicle Registration Fee — All motor vehicles brought on campus must be registered with the Campus Safety Office and must display the appropriate parking permit.  Go to after July 1st to appy or for more information.

Tablet PC Program Fee$400.50 per semester
All students participate in the SDSM&T Tablet PC Program.  For more information on the details of the program, visit the ITS Tablet PC Program webpage

Credit by Examination Fee$90.75 per course
This fee is charged for each course in which a student seeks credit by examination.

International Student Enrollment Fee $100.00 per semester
All international students enrolled on campus with an F-1 or J-1 visa will be charged the International Student Fee each semester they are enrolled.  This includes degree-seeking students, English as a Second Language (ESL) students, and foreign students enrolled under a cooperative agreement with a foreign institution.International students should contact the Ivanhoe International Center about insurance.

Student Health Insurance
An insurance package is available to students at an additional cost. This plan covers a 12-month period and does provide dependent coverage. For more information, go to

Transcript Fee$5.00 for the first transcript; $2.50 for additional
A transcript of credits is an authentic copy of the student‘s academic record. One complete transcript of credits is provided without charge to each student upon graduation. After that the charge is $5.00 each, and $2.50 each copy thereafter per request.

Testing Fee — $17.00 per re-test
This fee is accessed when a student needs to re-test the COMPASS or Proficiency Exam. Please contact Academic and Enrollment Services at (605) 394-2400 for more information.

ID Replacement Card Fee$10 per each replacement

Payment Process

All tuition and fees must be paid as part of the registration procedures at the beginning of each semester.   For the student‘s convenience, electronic bill and payment services are provided. If no financial arrangement is made, a late charge will be assessed. Examples of other financial arrangements may include payment plans, deferments for financial aid, or third party payments. (For a deferment for financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office.)   Since summer semester add/drop periods vary, check with the Cashier‘s Office for final financial arrangement dates for add/drop courses. If no financial arrangement is made, enrollments shall be cancelled.

Late Payment of Tuition and Fees

If a student does not make financial arrangements for tuition and fees with Student Accounts/Cashier Office by the end of the 8th  day of the semester, a late payment fee will be assessed beginning the fourth day of the term.   

  • Account balances of  $100  - $1,000:    $30.00 late fee. 
  •  Account balance greater than  $1,000:   $50.00 late fee   
  •  A $10.00 late fee may be assessed on accounts with balances of less than $100. 

 A student who fails to satisfy their financial obligations when due, may be withdrawn by the university and tuition and fee charges will still be owed.

Late Payment, Other

Subsequent to the initial tuition and fee payment deadline, if a student does not make payment on an established due date of assessed and billed tuition, fee and charges, such as deferments, payment plans, parking fines, late charges, a late charge is assessed each time payment is not received by the established due date noted on the bill or in a deferral agree.