Multicultural Affairs

Preparing School of Mines students for success in the global community through the promotion and support of cultural diversity.

OMA Mission Statement

The Office of Multicultural Affairs works with students, faculty, and staff to define and respond to the needs of Native American, African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and other underrepresented students at the School of Mines. Our mission is to create a network of support for these students so they may complete their studies and emerge as successful professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We also aim to promote campus awareness and appreciation for the culture and contributions of underrepresented populations.

Value Diversity: Dispelling Myths About Student Orgs of Color

Unmasking Inequality: A Self-Guided Workshop on Educational Success for STEM Educators:

We are here to help students from underrepresented populations thrive at the School of Mines while preserving cultural distinctiveness through the following activities:

  • Welcome and orientation for minority students
  • Guidance, advocacy, and problem-solving help
  • Friday student support lunches for networking and social support
  • Facilitate study groups
  • Connect to tutors through Tech Learning Center, AISES, NSBE, SHPE, as well as other sources
  • Identify and apply for scholarships
  • Locate internships and co-ops through the Career and Professional Development Center and other resources
  • Promote appreciation on campus for diverse cultures
  • Exposure to diversity efforts of the corporate world
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Feathering ceremony for American Indian graduates

Contact Information:


Jesse Herrera
Director, Multicultural Affairs

Hello, my name is Jesse Herrera and I serve as the director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. I am excited to be a part of a community that genuinely cares about the success of its students. I look forward to continuing to bring informational, useful, and hopefully, inspiring programs to campus. Whether you are a student of color or not, the Office of Multicultural Affairs offers a wealth of resources as well as an experienced staff. Stop by to say hi!


Abena Songbird
Program Assistant II, Multicultural Affairs

Kwai, Kwai – Hello!  My name is S. Abena Songbird and I am program assistant for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. For the past seven years at SD Mines, I have helped create and support diverse OMA programming in STEM that sustains and highlights our American Indian students and other students of color on campus.Jesse and I serve as co-Advisors to our American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)  Student Organization, and since 2008, our office also facilitates an American Indian Honoring Ceremony for Native student graduates.   I am a member of the Abenaki (Missisquoi) tribe of Vermont, and have long been involved with Native communities in the arts, event programming, and with American Indian Education. I am a former reporter for Dakota Lakota Journal, as well as a freelance journalist (Native Legacy Magazine), poet, and recording artist I welcome all of you to OMA – your comfort zone and resource!