Community Standards

Community Standards promotes being a positive member of our community by educating students about policies and procedures, holding students accountable for their actions, and providing students intentional interventions and sanctions.

Policies & Sanctioning

As a student at South Dakota Mines, you are responsible for abiding by policies provided by the SD Board of Regents (BOR), the university, and specific departments/areas as applicable to your situation. As such, it is important for you to be familiar with where policies are posted. The following information and links provide you access to policies which govern your conduct as South Dakota Mines students.

  • SDBOR Alcohol and Drug Policy
    • Alcohol and Drug Policy
      Residence Life adheres to the SDBOR Alcohol and Drug Policy found in the South Dakota BOR Code of Conduct which states the following is prohibited: The unauthorized manufacture, sale, possession, use, or consumption of alcohol, marijuana, or controlled substances by students...The unauthorized possession of any drug paraphernalia.  
    • Rocker Square I/II are designated as an upper-division residence hall where alcohol may be possessed and used in a lawful manner by students who are 21 years of age or older in their living quarters once approved by Residence Life. Students under the age of 21 in Rocker Square I/II are subject to the SDBOR Alcohol and Drug policy and may not possess, use, or consume alcohol in Rocker Square I/II. 
    • Please note that being in the presence of alcohol in Palmerton, Connolly, Peterson, and Placer is considered a violation of the South Dakota BOR alcohol policy. Containers with the original purpose of containing or holding alcohol are not permitted in Palmerton, Connolly, Peterson, and Placer.

  • University Weapons Policy
    • Weapons are regulated by the SD BOR Code of Conduct and the South Dakota Mines Weapons Policy. Per these policies, possession of the following is prohibited on campus premises or institutional events: firearms, stun guns, tasers, BB guns, switchblade knives, fixed blade knives with a blade length of five (5) inches or greater, fireworks, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any item that is designed or used to injure or harm another person. Exceptions to this policy vary -- please see the South Dakota Mines Weapons Policy for further details.

  • South Dakota BOR Policies
  • University Policies
  • Residence Life Handbook
  • Title IX
  • Free Speech Statement  
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Standard Sanctions for Common Violations

Reporting Student Concerns

Please use our online Advocate Reporting program to report all concerns including academic integrity issues, conduct charges, or general student issues/concerns. Community Standards will follow-up on each issue reported. Please Note: This form may be completed anonymously. If this is an emergency situation, please call 911. If this is an immediate student concern, please contact Public Safety or the Community Standards Office.

Submit an Advocate Online Report Here

Campus Crime and Fire Report

The campus crime and fire information is intended to be a convenient source of information to help members of the South Dakota Mines community keep themselves and each other safe. It is also distributed as part of the university's obligations under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy, which requires universities to collect and disseminate campus crime statistics and other related information.

Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Academic Integrity

High standards of academic honesty and intellectual integrity are essential to the success of our students and the institution. The campus community will not tolerate acts of dishonesty in any academic activities at South Dakota Mines. Such acts jeopardize not only the individual student, but also the integrity and dignity of the institution and its members. To report possible academic integrity issues, please complete the Advocate Online Report here.

For complete information about academic integrity policies and procedures, visit the Academic Integrity webpage.

Contact Information

Bryce Nussbaum
Director of Residential Education & Community Standards
Surbeck Center