Accelerated MS Programs

See also: Accelerated Masters Programs at the South Dakota Mines Graduate Education website for more details.

Both MS programs available through the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering -- the Paleontology MS degree and the Geology and Geological Engineering MS degree -- offer an accelerated MS program open to students enrolled in either the BS in Geology or the BS in Geological Engineering at South Dakota Mines.

The accelerated MS program is designed to permit qualified students to shorten the expected time to an MS degree by counting approved courses towards both the BS and MS degrees. Students entering the accelerated MS program must satisfy all requirements expected of traditional MS students, including writing and defending a thesis. The accelerated MS option is governed by campus-wide policies as stated in graduate education policy Loading.... Additional guidelines and policies pertain to the accelerated programs within the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering can be found in the course catalog, Loading...

Additional policies concerning accelerated MS degrees can be found in the Loading... applied to all graduate degrees by the Council of Graduate Education.