Structure and Tectonics

Structural Geology

  • Structural evolution of the Black Hills Precambrian
  • Interactions between intra-arc shear zones and pluton emplacement: California and Alaska
  • Strain partitioning in oblique slip fault systems
  • Kinematics and mechanics of vertical strain transfer in the lithosphere: northern North American Cordillera


  • Subduction zones dynamics
  • Cordilleran tectonics and cyclicity in orogenic systems
  • Characterizing the nature and evolution of crustal magma reservoirs
  • Advancing joint seismic imaging methods
  • Imaging the magmatic plumbing beneath active volcanoes


  • Laramide tectonics
  • Timing and magnitude of margin-parallel terrane translation in the North American Cordillera
  • The origin and poly-phase evolution of long-lived orogenic structures
  • Neotectonics in oblique subduction zone settings: Alaska and Cascadia
  • Phanerozoic paleogeography of western North America


    • Trevor Waldien
      Tectonics, Structural geology, Geochronology, Fault system evolution
    • Kevin Ward
      Seismic imaging, Geophysical inverse problems, Broadband and nodal geophone deployments


      Research Focus Areas