Physics Department

The Department of Physics at the South Dakota Mines is a leader in physics research in the state of South Dakota. Our high-quality baccalaureate program maintains a low student-per-faculty ratio, enabling faculty to provide their students with comprehensive courses and a depth of knowledge beyond what many physics programs offer.

Professors and students achieve nationally-competitive levels of research scholarship. With more than 50 high-profile articles in refereed journals in the last ten years, our experienced faculty offer unique research experiences for students, especially in the areas of condensed matter physics and materials science. We also play a substantial role in collaborations regarding the search for dark matter and subsequent experimental astrophysics projects at the Sanford Underground lab in the old Homestake mine in Lead, SD.

Students should have a sense of curiosity about their surroundings and a strong desire, not only to find solutions to problems that are encountered, but also to develop a deeper understanding of the basic principles involved. Students will be expected to develop a high level of mathematical skills and to become proficient in oral and written communications. Laboratory skills are also emphasized.

Because physics is the basis of most engineering disciplines, understanding basic principles of physics can help one become a better engineer.

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