The one constant in the Universe is CHANGE!!! 

WOW have we seen our share of change in the past 3 weeks.  Students left campus for spring break with the thought of some well-earned relaxation and perhaps time with family or maybe a vacation.   We all went into this break thinking we would be coming back to campus the week of March 16th but instead, we are now finishing the semester via distance learning!

Enter Covid-19

Now we all must find a new way in this ever-changing world.  Some of the most difficult things we deal with is the unknown, lack of certainty and the feeling of loss of control.

As we move toward this new future, please know that the Counseling Center continues to meet with students and is available to you for assistance. If you need assistance or just need to talk about all of the changes we face, please feel free to contact the counseling center at  counseling@sdsmt.edu

Also please read and sign the telehealth consent form prior to your session.  

The counseling center continues to be ready to assist you in these difficult times.

Coronavirus Concerns?

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be a concern in the world, it can impact what can already be a stressful environment at SD Mines.  If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact counseling services.  Counselors are ready to meet with you in person or via tele-health to discuss your concerns and the stress you are experiencing.

Worried about family back home
Feeling more anxiety
Avoiding social situations
Spending too much time watching the news
Concerned about going to class due to virus exposure
Noticing increased depression due to COVID-19 concerns
Unable to sleep

Please see the following link for the CDC recommendations:  https://www.sdsmt.edu/emergency/

The SD Mines Counseling Center is available to help you deal with this difficult time as well as other issues you may be experiencing.  Please do not hesitate to call 605-394-1924 or e-mail counseling@sdsmt.edu to schedule an appointment.  

Suicide Risk Screening Tool (Coming Soon)

Welcome to the SD Mines Counseling Center. We're glad that you are here! We offer support to students and assist with a variety of personal, academic, and relationship concerns. Our approach is collaborative, goal-oriented, and multi-culturally-sensitive.  We are here to help you develop more personal awareness and learn the skills you need to be successful

Mission Statement:

To support the intellectual, emotional, and social development of students through brief individual counseling and educational programming.


Humility • Dignity • Autonomy • Integrity • Fidelity • Unity

Guiding Principles:

  • Do no harm
  • Affirm hope
  • Utilize evidence-based practices
  • Assure cultural competency
  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Advocate for sustainable social justice

Learn more about how we can help you:


Depression and Anxiety

Learn to recognize the symptoms of depression and anxiety and get help. 


Building Resiliency Skills

Discover wellness opportunities including stress management and personal development. 


Academic Problems and Skills

Learn more about academic problems and skills such as time management, test anxiety, and study skills. 


Relationship Issues

Learn more about your relationships and how they may impact your education and life.

Need Help?

We have a staff of counselors available to help you, anytime.

Office Phone: 605-394-1924
Counseling Email: counseling@sdsmt.edu
Location: Surbeck Center, Main Level (across the hallway from the Dean of Students' office)   

Duane Kavanaugh
Director of Counseling
394-1924 or 394-6988  

Kettie Rindelaub
394-1924 or 394-2719  

Rapid City Community Resources

Crisis Care Center: 321 Kansas City St., 605-391-4863

Behavior Management Systems: 111 North St., 605-343-0650

Lutheran Social Services: 2920 Sheridan Lake Rd., 605-348-0477

Catholic Social Services: 918 5th St., 605-348-6086

Youth & Family Services: 202 E Adams St., 605-342-4789

Regional Urgent Care: 1303 N. Lacrosse St. and 2116 Jackson Blvd., 605-755-2273

Rapid City Police Department: Emergency - 911, Non-Emergency - 605-394-4131


WAVI Sexual Assault Hotline: 888-716-9248

Veterans Crisis Line: 800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255