Meet the Counselors

Counselors at the SD Mines Counseling Center offer support to students and assist with a variety of personal, academic, and relationship concerns. Our approach is collaborative, goal-oriented, and multiculturally sensitive. 


Megan Reder-Schopp, LPC, NCC

Director of Counseling/ADA Services
(605) 394-6988
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Jeremy Kendall, LPC, LAC, QMHP

(605) 394-1924
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Nancy Sprynczynatyk, LPC-MH, QMHP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(605) 394-2533
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More About Our Counselors

Megan Reder-Schopp | Contact Megan

  • A licensed Professional Counselor; (LPC) experienced working with diverse populations and specialized in working with college aged students. Works frequently with students with a variety of learning, medical and psychiatric disabilities.
  • Therapeutic interventions include an eclectic approach using the tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution focused and person centered therapy.
  • Specialties in the treatment of anxiety based disorders, self-esteem and image building, students with disabilities and academic interventions.


  • Born in northwest South Dakota, completed degrees in Political Science and Counseling Psychology in South Dakota, and resides with her husband in Rapid City, SD. Serves as the Director of Counseling and Student ADA Services at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. She has been at SD Mines for the past four years.
  • Recipient of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology’s Dick Kitchen Award for Staff Person of the Year in 2015.
  • Serves on both local and state boards, committees and foundations including: South Dakota Higher Education Association, TedX Rapid City, Rapid City Sexual Assault Task Force and the Gwendolyn Stearns Foundation.


  • Fitness and nutrition: running, weight training, yoga, golf and IIFYM
  • Higher education policy regarding retention and student success
  • Politics, reading, engaging in thoughtful conversation, spending time on her family’s ranch and the occasional Netflix binge!

Jeremy Kendall | Contact Jeremy

Jeremy Kendall was born and raised in South Dakota. He has a love of nature and art that continually show up as themes in his approach to therapy. He has spent the majority of his years as a counselor studying Mindfulness based approaches to therapy as well as Jungian thought on psychotherapy. He has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, in the mental health community, focusing on addictions management and existential issues. He began working at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in the summer of 2015.

Jeremy is interested in eastern understanding human suffering. He agrees that acceptance is the key to ones relationship with suffering. That we may live a life worth living, amidst suffering no matter how big or small our suffering may be. This could apply to anxiety about low grades, or regarding our relationship with death.

To Jeremy, finding wholeness means finding humility and balance while living a life that includes suffering, not in avoidance thereof. He applies a holistic approach; and, although he adheres to classical, evidence based approaches to mental health, he is also unafraid to incorporate and respect contemplative Eastern methods, such as yoga, martial arts, and mindfulness meditation. Jeremy is also a fine artist who incorporates art as a method of self-inquiry and healing. Jeremy is committed to the human journey and finding wholeness and authenticity within himself and others.

Nancy Sprynczynatyk | Contact Nancy

  • A licensed Mental Health Counselor; (LPC-MH) experienced working with diverse populations, in a variety of settings: including agency, hospital, university, prison, and private practice.
  • Therapeutic interventions include an eclectic approach individualized to the persons’ need, comfort and pace. Holistic health and creative means using art, imagery, neurocounseling, cognitive based and gestalt therapies.
  • Specialties in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other anxiety based disorders; grief counseling, and resiliency building.


  • Born in Maryland, relocated to the Midwest for graduate degrees and settled in the Black Hills in 2002. She began working at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in 2015. 
  • Co-founder of Westwind Consulting Center, a clinic providing mental health services and business consultation, Dickinson, ND.
  • North Dakota Counselor of the Year and named Teacher of the Year while at Dickinson State University.
  • Recipient of the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce’s Health & Human Services Outstanding Performance “Wind Beneath Our Wings” award in 2011.
  • Serves on both local and national American Red Cross Disaster Response Teams. She was deployed to Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, had field experiences in Tanzania, Africa, and assisted in Oso, Washington’s landslide recovery efforts.


  • Healthy living – yoga, hiking, meditation and grandkids
  • Neuroscience
  • Travel and adventure
  • Good people, good song and good fun!