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At the School of Mines, we believe in the power of exchange and strive to develop cross-cultural connections. International experience through study abroad is a great way to gain a broader world view and global working experience.

Maria Klawe, a contributor for Forbes Magazine, said it best: "international experience is vital for STEM students, who will be creating technologies that may impact the entire world. U.S. scientists and engineers also must be able to collaborate on multicultural, international teams in order to be successful in their careers and to tackle global challenges together." (


Global Academic Focus (Minor/Certificate)

SD Mines offers a Global Engineering Minor and a Global Engineering Certificate for all engineering majors. This global academic focus will prepare you to work effectively in unfamiliar cultures, on multinational teams, and expand understanding of the influence of social, economic, business, and political issues on global engineering activities. 
Global Academic Focus (Minor/Certificate)

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Develop a Global Focus

SD Mines offers a Global Engineering Minor and a Global Engineering Certificate.  See our Minors and Certificates web pages for more details.